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jacket men (metal jacket) RUNNING BEAR - PSY320


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fantastic leather jacket brand RUNNING BEER.

This jacket, known under the name of "crooked", is made of high-quality cowhide, so you can wear almost all year round (long life and durability). The liner is made from pleasant polyester.

Zippers, buttons and other accessories are silver in color, are made of metal.

Jacket has 3 outside pockets and 1 zip sophisticated small pocket for a lighter or small. Inside you will find 1 pocket.

Jacket has leather belt with metal buckle. The sleeves are conveniently closed metal zippers.

Material: beef, leather, metal accessories, silver color.

Dimensions in cm (circumference is twice the width), the skin is by using a little, therefore, the rates in the table can be +-some cm different

(jacket was highest during the measurement on a flat surface)

the width of the shoulders width of chest
the width at the waist

the length of the jacket (total)

the length of the Sleeve from underarm the sleeve length from shoulder the length of the the sleeve from the neck width průramku
XS 46 51 46 62 45 60 76 26
S 49 55 47.5 62 46 62 77 26
51 57 49 65 47 64 77 26
51 57 52 66 47.5 63 78.5 26.5
XL 51 58 53 67 47.5 63.5 79.5 27.5
XXL 51 59 55 66 46 64 80 29
XXXL 54 63 57 69 47.5 65 80.5 30

Availability: shipping in 24h

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Tokar (Likavka)

Cauko I can not find the right size jackknife .We 186 cm 100 kg, 109 hrunika circumference and waist 105 cm, you can help me advance dik

aljaž (ljubljana)

Hello! What would you recommend for a 175cm height, 97cm chest and 93 waist. (Wearing a pullover which I intend to wear under the jacket. Thanks!
I don't know exactly. Try M (medium).

Jirka (Praha)

Hello, I just want to ask what happens when you order a jackknife to the store and I will not sit. You could then do something about it or will it be a problem? Thanks

Filip Mlejnek (Praha)

Hello. I would like to ask when would approximately be in store in Prague naskladnit size M. Thank you for your response
Hello, Philip currently jackknife the shop will not be complemented in the coming days as we will be doing an inventory. But you can order a pea to the store using a personal collection Prague through our website and we'll headquarters of the store in your name like to send. Delivery time is 2 working days. Good evening.


Greetings from the Mountains. After topping shortly size xs ?? Thank you in advance for your reply.
Hello, they are ordered and should appear in the second half of August. I suggest you set Watchdog to this size.


Hi, I just want to thank you for the awesome with them crooked:D I am satisfied how it just goes! Thanks so much!
Hello Jacques, this us very pleased! Have a nice day.


Good, I am interested in this jacket and I would like to opytať size would you recommend, if the balance of the US and I have a 175 cm, 90 cm, waist 85 cm, hrudnik hand length from armpit 47 cm. answer you zapestie after the thank you in advance.
Hello Peter, try according to the dimensions in the table, another measure of his jacket (of course with regard to another cut "sidovky"), by your description, it is based on the size of M.

Jo (Davos)

Jacket arrived today. It fits perfectly and the quality is amazing. Thank you very much.
Yes! :-) You're welcome. ;-)

Santtu (Hämeenlinna)

Hello, I'm having some difficulties choosing between the size S or M. My height is about 172cm and chest 94cm. Is the S size too small?
Hello, I recommend size M.

Arda (Istanbul)

Hello, I am planning to buy this running bear brand leather jacket but I have some questions about it.I am 175 cm height and my waist is 87 cm which size do you advise ? I thought L is good for me but it is out of stock , when can it come to stock is there any certain date? Also there is a similar jacket to it which is brixton but there are nearly 60€ difference. Is there any quaility difference, does it really that whorty compared to running bear? I am looking forward for your answers. Thanks in advance
Hello, More expensive = better. We will added Running Bear at the turn of January and February.

Josef (České Budějovice)

Hello, I would like to convince them of the truth of dimensions, since they seem quite confused - eg. XL is less than the XXL. Please check that you have correctly written. Thank you very much for the quick response, I could choose. Thanks
It's like this right. Jackets are made by hand and sometimes it just comes out that way. Dimensions are approximate. Purchased goods can be exchanged or returned within 14 days after delivery.

Ivan (Galanta)

Good evening, asking it about everyone but I also have an interest in the product and do not want to unnecessarily sent back for exchange. height 167 cm circumference around the chest 123 cm 116 cm waist thanks for the reply :) Even if I insert is removable ???
You lower figures, but broad chest, so really do not know. Try to choose according to the dimensions of the table, but I would suggest you try to size XXL. Purchased goods can be exchanged or returned within 7 days after delivery, if you did not fit. The insert is removably.

Antonín Jeřábek (Lestkov)

I ordered on Monday evening on Wednesday evening arrived;) size L and I just fell musímuznat it kvalitka;): 3

Damian (bardejov)

I bought a good sidovku XS I had one would it neak exchanges?
Yes, purchased goods can be exchanged or returned within 7 days of receipt of shipment. O instructions, write to, please.


zdravim Ktoru sidovku would you recommend? headlong to the most runnig bear and Brixton ..
Both are good, both are desirable. :-)


why is the waist width is smaller than in XXL XL?
This was a coincidence. One piece what narrower. You can count on the dimension of 53 cm.

NEKRO (Levice)

Hail Sa-l-an. Could you please fill rate for sizes XS, S. Thank you
Sizes are added in the table captions.

marek (levice)

the good wishes ... If I'm about 175 cm tall and 65 kg weight and 21 years old and I Dress figures which size would you recommend? With ...
I would recommend you pick up a tailor's tape measure, measure and compare with measured values ​​in the descriptions of this jacket. ;-)

Henrik Nielsen (Ribe)

I got this a while back, while I normally wear size L for pretty much all of my clothes, I had to get this one in XL for proper armlength and the L version (which I ordered at first) was a bit too tight fitting. I love it, though, it's a great looking jacket, comfortable, amazing quality and with lots of pockets. Definitely the nicest leather jacket I've ever owned.

Milan (Košice)

Hello, it is appropriate to improve this jacket patches?
If it's appropriate?? It depends on you ... :-)

Emo (HC)

I bought this jacket, seemed to me hard, so I painted it the original product on the skin, which is also getting this e-shop. On the upper parts left sleeve, he did not want the plant to absorb and the whole works gently cracked. I think the piece of skin was not properly trimmed or completely different skin, where the skin is. I am quite disappointed, unfortunately not the first time, there seems to be an ancient product of inferior quality.
We are sorry that you have a problem with a product purchased from us. There's a possibility of a claim within the warranty period, if it is a manufacturing defect, certainly we will process the claim to your satisfaction.

Jerry (Budapest)

Hi. Could you tell me please, if your offer to ship orders over 130€ is still valid?
Do you mean free shipping over €130? It isn't valid for EU customers.


Good day. Is it just me, or the jacket is brown? Or am color blind.
It is black, but matte, so it can have a photo of a brown tint, but Brown is not 100%. It is really black. :-)


After ordering goods could occur when? :)
See - to 2.pracovního day :)

Jakub (Třebíč)

Hello approaching the end of the month we added approximately topped the small size?
Hello, missing sizes are ordered long ago, the supplier promised delivery in March 2014, but unfortunately still not delivered: (


Hey, when it could come in size L?
Hey, maybe this week arrives :)

Milan (Príbelce)

Thank jacket is a cool, my only regret susceptibility to skin wears away .. just a piece of wafer and the color is really down .. it some color, marker,? thank you
In colors, the pen unfortunately I do not know, but try asking in some fancy leather.


health, I would like to ask when will be available size M? thanks
In March. Set your watch size M.


Hello, I have a few questions for you: D When you have to please skade size S? Furthermore, the lower you write it in this jacket free shipping, but in order writes to me that up when we buy a € 1.79 more so I will have free shipping. So which is it? And the last: D You got 3 genuine leather wearing down "sidovky" but one costs around € 160 around € 140 a second think and this is the € 128, what is the difference between them?
If the supplier offers size S, we should add it in March (March). Free shipping applies to orders over 130, - €. Different jackets, different suppliers, different materials, different prices. Personally, I evaluate all kinds sidovek positively.

Lukáš W. (Liberec)

I have a question, I measure 190, weighs 75 kg, chest I 102, I have a 90 waist, what size do you recommend?
The table is very detailed. You ought to follow it. For you, the problem is that you are overly tall, but very slim. Width of chest and waist would fit the size M, but it may be on your short 190 cm. There is not much more than speculate. Order size M and test it. If you does not fit, you can exchange or return the jacket. Price jackets exceeds the amount of 3000 CZK, so you have postage gratis and do not risk anything. ;-)

mario (nitra)

Okay, if I please Vísky 166 cm and I am in development so I buy S or M and thank poradtemi because according to the size of the table is governed not know
S or M at the moment we do not have, but that jacket is for the long haul. There nezahodíte after two years, but maybe ten. :-D The smallest at the moment is L-ko, which I would still recommend. However adolescents. ;-) And if they did not comply with L, so the jacket can return within the statutory period. 8-)

Milan (Košice)

How to please proceed when changing sizes?
Write on, please.

Mason (Praha)

Hello :) I have another trainee size M. May I inquire if you do not know where it could be another shipment of goods? Thanks a lot
Most likely will add more in January. Set your watches demanded size.

Diogo (Viseu)

HI! :) I need some help picking the size of a jacket ( Running Bear men leather jacket). My measures are: width at the waist: 83cm Width at the armpit: 100cm length (measured under the collar): 64 Sleeve length from armpit: 68 Thanks for your time!
You would need size S or M. Currently we haven't not one in stock.

Milan (Príbelce)

Good evening, asking it about everyone but I also interested in the product and do not want to unnecessarily send back for exchange. Height 180cm circumference around the chest 115 cm waist 90 cm Thank you for your reply :)
I recommend size L :-)

Jakub (Velky Krtis)

Hello, I should be interested in the item jacket mens (jackknife) RUNNING BEAR price of 128.21 euros. Would you advise me to ask you what size should I be good? I'm not very high. I measure 168 cm, weight 75 kg, waist circumference 102, 105 armpit, length from collar 66 and sleeve 47 cm. For your reply thank you in advance.
I recommend size L.

Tomáš (ústí nad orlicí)

Hello, according to the dimensions would not be the size of M, so I want to ask about when it will be available? Thank you.
Hello, missing sizes are ordered, but we do not know whether the supplier in Christmas (Set Please "watch size"

Jakub (Třebíč)

Hello, I would like to ask what would you have advised me to sizes of crooks when I height 161 cm, width at the waist 40 cm, width 44 cm and underarm sleeve length 50 cm, I'm not entirely sure because of those sleeves. And when eventually you'll just have my size in stock. Thank you in advance for your answer.
I recommend size XS or S - These sizes are not currently in stock - ordered, but we do not know whether the supplier manages to deliver Christmas (Set Please "watch size".

Lukas (Rožnov pod Radhoštěm)

Hello, I would like to thank you for a really helpful approach by cz. Especially in the complaint, which was surprisingly free, fast and without any problems. Once again, thank you very much.

Johny (Trenčin)

Hi, I want to ask what is the difference between "sidovkou" and "crooks"? And even if it came to Christmas Budna until it objadnam within two days. Thanks, John
Hey, no :) drove stock your size, so definitely

Lenka (Praha)

Hello, I would like for you to buy a jackknife for a son. If I order it now, but he will not be a size (L), it can be replaced until after Christmas? Thanks for the reply. Lenka
certainly, I will post on Monday extended the deadline for the exchange of goods in January 14, 2014

Radek (Polička)

Hello, I would like to advise you on the size when I'm 185 cm height, waist got 80-90 cm, weight around 70 kg and 90 cm in the chest. Thanks
I recommend you order a size L. If you sat down, you 7 days to send the jacket back and ask for a replacement. ;-)

Phil (Kolín)

Hello :) I would be quite interested when you can wear this jacket - I know that it says that almost all year round :)) but total I wonder whether in fact can endure even in the winter when a couple of degrees below zero is :)
depends on the resistance of the individual - and the jacket will have :-) - not to generalize, but the people in it really goes all year round :-)

Jano (Kosice)

Hello, I would need advice regarding size. I have 186 cm height, about 85 kg density (I tend to Pribram, because I started to appreciate) Width at waist: 95 cm and width armpit also about 95 cm. I will not be too large size XL? Resp. What size would you recommend?
XL will probably be great, but you're quite tall, so I'm not really sure. I recommend you order a size L. If you sat down, you 7 days to send the jacket back and ask for a replacement. ;-)

Honza H. (prostějov)

I found what I was looking for, ordered the here and now Crows. It is super!

Rian (Darmstadt)

if I do not get appropriate size, the jacket can be replaced?
Hi, this is running with us so that you get refunded the money and then can re-order. A direct replacement size is not possible for organizational reasons. Regards

Joaquin (Dubrovnik)

Hi guys, Can you please help me out, im 1.98cm tall and weight around 105-110kg, what would be the best size for me, an L or XL ?
XXL or XXXL. Dimensions are located in description.

rado (trencin)

Stone shop in Slovakia do not have? if not then a week jackknife about XL definitely ordering. tesiiiiiim nan was like a baby to baby Jesus
On the Slovak No, but close to the Slovakian border :)

Marián (Prešov)

Hello, I was wondering what size works best if I have a 175 cm width at the waist is 92, underarm width 102 and length measured under the collar 58 and the sleeve length is 52 Thank you
Try a size M. If he sat down, the jacket can be exchanged for a different size. ;-)

rado (trencin)

What is the difference between the jackknife and sidoukou?
None. Czech with this one type jackets says jackknife and Slovak sidovka. :-)


Hello, I would like to ask for a comparison of this model with a jackknife New Rock W. Jack2082 in terms of material and size. According to the size chart should both be the same size (size XL), but I read here that the table is (partly) poorly written ...
This is a tricky question, because only he knows the exact composition of the manufacturer. Since every company has its registered office at the other end of Europe, certainly will involve different materials (leather and components). Both jackets are both high quality and should last a long time. New Rock is in the world but definitely stronger behalf. S dimensions I can be of help, please send to me your degree via email.


Hello, could you help me with choosing the size, height 172 cm, waist 83 cm, 90 cm obv.v underarms, arms length from the armpit 47 cm wrist. Thank you.
Size S.


Hello, I decide between the crooks and the clasp-knife "Brixton". I would like to ask whether it is in these jackets difference. A or what. I do not want him on the bike, but poze for civilian wear. And I want to ask which of these crooks is rather narrower shoulders and smaller cut. I measure 185 cm, but not much fuckin 'yoked. :) And the last question. If I eventually ordered and would not be me, can I exchange it for another? Thanks for the reply.
The jackets are similar, the difference is in the brand (manufacturer). If you have to wear civilian, should be both.


Hello, I wanted to ask if you have this jacket in size S. Thank you.
Jackets are replenished before four days and sizes come. In the near future definitely topped up.

Dodge (Olomouc)

Well so, I'm pretty tight and I'm going to pack and send back for replacement for 3XL ... :/ Too bad I was secretly hoping ... However, if I take the 2XL sweatshirt and dopnu, but I'm napresovaný ... I think I gained ... : D

Dodge (Olomouc)

Hello, just out of curiosity I would like to know your opinion of me selected size XXL. I am 195 cm, 105 cm around the waist, around 108 cm chest from armpit to wrist 51 cm. Furthermore, I wonder how come the table is smaller than the size 3XL 2XL. Thank you for your time ... :)
You picked the right size. Size XXL would have to comply. The table was (and still is partially) poorly written. The actual dimensions of the sizes XXL and XXXL are but repaired.

Rastislav (BB)

Hello, I wish to ask you nicely what is the ratio of the skin and synthetic materials, thank you very much :)
The jacket is made from cowhide, so you can wear almost all year round (long life and durability). The lining is made of soft polyester. Lining the inside of the jacket, the rest of the skin. I have no idea how much it might be proportion. Nowhere is it stated.

Otto (Dun. Streda)

Good! I would like to order that jacket, but I do not know what size of ... Will you help me please? I have a waist circumference 112 cm, obv. Underarm 108 cm, length 45 cm hand. Nizky I'm only 165 cm. When I order Tuesday, Can we have on Friday? Thanks for the reply!
Each dimension refers to a different size, but try to size XL. If you can not sit down jacket exchange or return.


da jacket was ordered to Czech Republic? ubde how much it take?
Order via and have it within two working days at the Czech. ;-)

Miro (Prievidza)

What size would you recommend, waist circumference 82 cm, circumference 100 cm in the armpit, arms length from armpit after wrist 53 cm, height 190 cm. Thanks
Sizes XS to match, but you are really high, so the sleeves can be short. It dare not guess ... Try a size S. If you prefer, you can send the jacket back to the exchange - at least you'll know what it should be about how much longer etc. ;-)

Tibor (Topoľníky)

Hello, what size would you recommend, since I have a waist circumference 103 cm, chest circumference 105 and length of the hand from the wrist 50 cm armpit. Thank you.
Odporúčam size L.

Marián (Prešov)

I would also like to ask to the same extent but this jacket, thank you
I do not understand the words "The same peace." If you added a comment with another product, I find out which. Write me a detailed email to (with dimensions that need it) and recommend size.

Shadow (Michalovce)

I got it a couple of months and I can only recommend.


Hello, I was wondering when you will have this jacket also in M ​​size. Thank you
The exact date is unknown, but by the end of the holiday season would be complete, so I recommend you set the watch size M.

Depeche Mode (Bratislava)

Hello My height 184 cm weight 72 kg ... I want this sidovku, but so that my sleeves and sat in the belt was too short. Last time I bought over the net sidovku me everywhere perfectly fit only to strip it like I was Detvan: D What size do you recommend?
According to weight and height can not be a certain size, which would have corresponded. We need to know the size as would suit you and accordingly can recommend size, or to please please follow by dimensions of the label.

Petr (Mladá Boleslav)

Hello Could you please advise me with a choice of width in width pase104 in podpaží111 length of the collar 61 and the sleeve length from armpit 52.Děkuji
I recommend size L.

Ondra (Jihlava)

Hello could you please tell me the size you recommend? Is 178 cm, chest circumference 90 cm, waist 80 cm, sleeves 53 cm armpit, length 63 cm below the collar. Thank you
You would rather suit size S, M maybe, but the menu is today the smallest size L, which would be the length of the sleeves and OK, but the waist and the chest should be L-ko too big.

Lukáš (Nové Mesto nad Váhom)

Hello, I would like to ask a few questions: 1 this Krivák matte or glossy? 2 in waist circumference 104 would be appropriate size XL 3 at the time of ordering I could have it?
First is dull, 2nd See if the width is meant the half circumference, third We ship immediately (within 24 hours from the arrival order - valid only on weekdays, so if you order on Friday, we will send on Monday).


Good day. Is this jacket downright mens or unisex? Thank you.
Rather, men's, but certainly not overtly. Certainly it would be wrong not offer it as feminine - that would be completely out of step - but I was not afraid of that unisex. Women usually wear men's crooks.

roman (wien)

hello and finally a page where leather jackets are cool one I ask myself would love the jacket order nir the problem is if I do not like the jacket I can send back to the day where I have received?
You can return the jacket - you'll get instructions for searching a Possibility.


I beg you to have me bi defines the size because I can not choose: abdominal circumference is 73 cm chest is 87 cm from underarm ruki kebi 47 and to be able to to write the size and width of sleeves?
It is based on my smallest size XS. If you are not a bodybuilder, you have a good sleeves. ;-)


Hello :) I would like to ask what size would fit me when I measure 190 cm (+ - 1cm)
Refer to the dimensions of the labels, please.


Hello, I would like to know what are the dimensions for XXXL. size XXXL is on offer, but not in the table dimensions. thank you for your answer
I wrote to the labels. At first glance, they look like some degree of Menz than in XXL, but believe them. I measured it personally and sizes really are at what you will find in the table XXXL.


could you write me skin thickness of the jacket?
I do not have a sliding scale manufacturer not stated, but the crooks are pretty thick skin. It's not a jacket, but a proper and solid jacket. I do not know how many may have skin ... 3-4 mm?


I came, I saw, I ordered a ... I rejoiced! I also recommend ;)

Jozef (Prievidza)

Super jacket, I ordered it is beautiful and comfortable ... I recommend ;)

Lukáš (Myjava)

Hello, this jacket is a hot candidate for me and my degree circuits are waist 105 cm and 119 cm armpit and one older jacket that I wore, I measured the length of 65 cm. According to the table would probably look at size XL, what do you think? And my hand from the wrist armpit 55 cm long, is there a chance that the sleeves are just right in size XL, or short?
Size XL you should be fine in all dimensions.

Michal Blažek

I would not say that the brand name Runnung Beer. Maybe Running Bear, when there is the bear. But I do not know about that this company produced crooks ...
We have a mistake in the title, he immediately removed. Brand is Running Bear, and as you can see, crooks made. :-)
vel. Veľkosť: M
vel. Velikost: XXL
vel. S-Xxxxxxl: L
vel. Velikost Oblečení: M

Waiting for your size? We will let you know!

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