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Imagine a cold Norwegian tundra, endless forests and occasionally some not entirely deserted lake. All this under a thick blanket of snow and freezing wind. Their ideas and try to multiply 100 times perhaps remotely approach the incredibly bleak musical expression Burzum. Cult black metal project, which was perhaps in the very hell, and in addition extremely good music will always be associated with a monsterous act of a single member Varg Vikernes.

He had in August 1993, was stabbed to death his rival Euronymous of Mayhem and of competing as a bonus, he managed to burn a few churches in Norway. Followed by moving behind bars and the fans could just 20 years only four special plates scroll to a row Varg left. Up until 2009, when the "Count Grishnackh" released from his cell and Burzum thus began a new chapter.


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