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Guns N 'Roses are a hard rock group from Los Angeles, which is inseparably linked with the frontman Axle Rose, that GN' R alternately pushing and pulling to the top of the abyss - just a classic rocker with everything that goes with it (read: dope, booze, hookers, late arrivals at concerts, etc.).. Despite the major problematic personality perzóny but Guns N 'Roses became one of the icons of their genre and at the turn of the 90th years, with Metallica regularly distributed in a duel by the then most popular hard rock band.

Guns N 'Roses are also a variety of excesses Axla also known for his frequent varying the assembly, on which, as it happens, suffer mainly fans who waited for the band's latest album "Chinese Democracy" from 2008 předlouhých 15 years. Will Guns žinýrovat with another act so long as this time? From party players around Axla Rose we have nothing to marvel about. :)

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