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Nightwish Finnish national wealth is among us since 1996 and was produced by keyboard virtuoso Tuomas Holopainenena. The band broke mainly due to its unconventional symphonic metal and podmanivému, sometimes based upon an opera-sounding, voice a former singer Tarja Turunen. It was among the fans of Nightwish extraordinary popular, and flew through the air and all kinds of invective when Tarja was in 2005 and replaced retiring significantly popověji znějcící Anette Olzon. Some of this change nerozdýchali today.

Many do but on the contrary, as also referred to the fact that the first board with Annette at the microphone, called "Dark Passion Play" has become the next most influential bands in history. Journeys ensemble are simply unpredictable and often what was originally Nightwish knock, is paradoxically the more stronger.

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