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book AC / DC - Brethren Youngs - Brethren, who created AC / DC - VOL22

hard rock

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Jesse Fink Youngs - brothers who created the AC / DC Australian columnist Jesse Fink (43) is embarking on an uneasy task - to write a novel biography of the famous hard rock group with his biographer fundamentally not communicate. The author while focusing on Young's three brothers, who in the story of AC / DC are the central characters. It is a founding member of the band Malcolm and Angus, which complements jejichstarší brother George, acting as kingmaker in the background. Fink does not deny that it is a huge fan of the group, but you can maintain a critical distance. Instead of the usual biographical data, which are easily accessible, the author more interested in a hidden part of the story of AC / DC, which maps through interviews with former members of the group and also with people who had a history of a key role, but often did not receive deserved award. Many of these people gets a first time opportunity to give their testimony. Based on my personal experience, when his music AC / DC has helped to overcome the environmental crisis, the Fink also raises the question, what is the secret of the huge success of this group, which owns more than 200 million records sold. What makes this band so special and compelling that he could win the hearts of millions of fans around the world? The author concludes that straightforward and honest music of AC / DC is universally understandable and touches something primal inner and what is hidden in each of us.

Czech language

Number of pages: 380

Binding: firm

Year of release: 2016

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