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color (gel) to hair STAR GAZER - Neon Blue - SGS152A


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color (gel) to hair STAR GAZER - Neon Blue

Gel-color hair is applied using a brush (supplied) for dyeing coarse strands
-Simply washed out with shampoo or water

Color: deep blue.

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User photos

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Alsana 13.02.2016

It does this gel lighter shade of blue than the sky Electric Gel Manic Panic or is it the same plus or minus? According to the illustrative photos is color gels Star Gazer seem brighter. It's just my impression or really are? Thank you.

- Hello Alsan, honestly - Jane know. I have personal experience of how this shade in reality behaves thus difficult to estimate.

Katarína (Bartislava) 10.11.2013

zadravím. when I read the whole debate so ever understand what it's actually a color ..... once you reply ..... "It's not permanent, but short-term color that can be washed off immediately - so suitable for overnight concert, etc." and the very next answer is ...... 'E's normal permanent color is washed away immediately. " ...... you know exactly what you are selling? I would like to ask you to explain how normal this is actually a color?

- The color is easily washable with shampoo and water, so it is not a permanent color.

simi (nové zámky) 28.06.2012

people .... I just farbyla vlasz with this color .... haaa ... I'll tell you it's fake .... not the color I nevidržala not so much that after coloring to wash us ... but nothing .... I'm terribly nehnevaná!!!!

- I do not understand much, but you bought hair color gel that is applied with a brush (supplied) and is suitable primarily for dyeing coarse strands. It is easily washable with shampoo and water. If you have already applied to the hair and immediately washed away, it is understandable that you did not stay on the hair color. It's not permanent, but short-term color you can wash off - so suitable for a one-day concert, etc.

Gabriela (Havířov) 20.05.2012

How much washing color last?

- This manufacturer does not, but according to customer responses paint last month and then begins to fade.

Mel 03.04.2012

I beg you who have not already given a number to him please write me how you've pieced it too :) dakujem


Pola (Bratislava) 03.04.2012

Please vas the navod me at all does not catch the color and you do not know me at all Nepente Niaki este otherwise help please? Dakujem

- It is a gel and used for dyeing hair strands so nezpění and should not be used for dyeing the head. Maybe to express some of our customer and tell you I have no idea.

kravka 02.03.2012

I just want to ask if the color neon will light my hair tonight or not thanks!! And for how long the color of laughs?

- Hair will shine in the true sense of the word not only color is sinking, but it depends on how you grabs the hair. Manufacturer does not specify the time, but I like the classic colors - depending on how often you wash your hair, etc.

adam (Prievidza) 20.01.2012

and how long the color lasts

- Easily washable with shampoo and water.

Kika 09.11.2011

How many ml if I ask?

- 50 ml.

misa (Studénka) 08.08.2011

ASI how much will go to see the color in medium brown hair? .. thanks

- Quite a few.

EffaDead 03.08.2011

What ingredients in mohawk? :) Do you mean vajčka and under? : D

IguanaSanny (Sráčow) 02.08.2011

Evisu I think it will probably be just like the color ;-) but I was wondering if there's nothing "happens" when zamícháš in the "ingredients" on mohawk ;-)

- These experiments were not tried. It's up to you. ;-)

EffaDead 02.08.2011

same time, we can also build a mohawk?

- color has a gel consistency, from which you may be able to build a mohawk, but then you will have to help hairspray and hair fix

Yumi 06.06.2011

I wanted to ask how much it has ml?


Luci 28.05.2011

I would have needed something that stays on black hair

- You have to try it, none of us color on black hair had.

Terka 13.03.2011

I would like to ask, when I put it on the hair and in the evening after the color wash is nothing left? ;)

- No, it's normal permanent color washed away now.

tydýt 06.03.2011

Could I ask whether this blue color is dark or light?

- By name neon blue, so rather lighter. None of Metalshopu it still was not on the head. ;-)

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