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color to hair DIRECTIONS - Poppy Red


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tube a volume of 89 ml - usually just a hair shoulder length. Colors have never been tested on animals.

Color: red / poppy.

DIRECTIONS Apply color to dry hair. We recommend pre-bleach hair. Hair color včesávejte until foaming. Color, leave on for 30-40 landmine, a plastic hair cap warmed, and thus help to achieve a better result. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not mix colors with peroxide! Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows! After eye contact, rinse with warm water. Before staining, do not use shampoo with conditioner. When applying, use plastic gloves. All shades make a pre-test on a small strand of hair.

Guidance on the use and conditions of sale:

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Hi I wanted to ask grabs Directions color good hair bleached peroxide from the drugstore or to be purchased from you lightener? Thank you for your reply .. :)
It is not necessary to deal with the brand of bleach, but it is true that if you use both of Directions, you should achieve a satisfactory effect.


Good, I would like to Spiti or the color grabs and the brown color?
Maybe so, but the result is likely to be unsatisfactory. We recommend to lighten hair.

mia (Trnava)

I want to ask if you would help me to know ... well grab the color already in red dyed hair? Dyed classic color palette of a clip.
Certainly :)

Martina (Bratislava)

good :) I want to ask that if you order this color should be to do or buy peroxide package includes everything you need to dyed hair .. thank you :)
This color contains peroxide. He must get whatever the color of Directions.


a good day in the manual it says that these colors do not mix with peroxide and if I use this color hair (lightener) DIRECTIONS - Bleach Kit 30 nubudu have the hair like yellow bo so? or to evade? thank you
yes, exactly. The color must not be mixed with peroxide, but to achieve the right color is needed hair before dyeing bleach (lighten) and you can use a hair color (lightener) DIRECTIONS - Bleach Kit 30th

Adell a Kátě (Zásmuky)

I want to ask'' Everywhere they say to me that that kind of grabs and red to light brown hair. It is true of those red?!
we do not have a negative reaction to the color Directions