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color to hair DIRECTIONS - Rose Red


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tube a volume of 89 ml - usually just a hair shoulder length. Colors have never been tested on animals.

Color: pink-red.

DIRECTIONS Apply color to dry hair. We recommend pre-bleach hair. Hair color včesávejte until foaming. Color, leave on for 30-40 landmine, a plastic hair cap warmed, and thus help to achieve a better result. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not mix colors with peroxide! Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows! After eye contact, rinse with warm water. Before staining, do not use shampoo with conditioner. When applying, use plastic gloves. All shades make a pre-test on a small strand of hair.

Guidance on the use and conditions of sale:

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MON (Brno)

Awful there you have it made strange, kids. Another shade is the "homeland" autosampler, a different shade of the girl in the photo and úúúúúplne other shades are in ... Photos of shade that is realistic?
Each hair is different, every hair loses its color to another shade (one light blond, the other white - which is recommended). One also immediately take a picture after the second month in which desetrkát washed his head etc. Therefore such differences. neuvedeno to mention that each photo is taken with another camera, under different lights etc.

Elis (HK)

If you do not want the color used on all hair, but only part (např.melíry or just the bottom section of the hair), it is possible to use color more times after the first opening when you do not consume a whole dobarvovat so possibly grow up? :)
Read the instructions for use of the product labels. If he does not say a single application, it is possible to use it more than once.

Denisa (Praha)

when I have my hair dark brown, are really worth the paint on with this try?
Feel yes, but first lighten your hair with peroxide.

zayn malik (Aš)

I beg you in the name of the color jaroslava Maxová still come ... : (How come?? Thank you: D
07/05/2012 We dispatched PPL package service, unfortunately we went back awaiting, Tracking number: 40781874392

zayn malik (Aš)

and gets the color on shoulder length hair when I want hair just podbarvit?? : D <3 thank you
It certainly does.

zayn malik (Aš)

this color is really pink so what is in the photos?
Yes, if you use peroxide. It depends on your hair, the earlier brightening etc.

Scene Kitty (Wrocław)

You have to lighten your hair to get the color as the picture. ? D

Scene Kitty (Wrocław)

Poo goes zmyciach many paint. ^ ^
This manufacturer does not mention. This long-lasting paint. You will come away with a regrowth and hair washing out slowly. I guess like most paints.