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color to hair DIRECTIONS - Turquoise


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color to hair DIRECTIONS

tube a volume of 89 ml - usually just a hair shoulder length. Colors have never been tested on animals.

Color: turquoise.

DIRECTIONS Apply color to dry hair. We recommend pre-bleach hair. Hair color včesávejte until foaming. Color, leave on for 30-40 landmine, a plastic hair cap warmed, and thus help to achieve a better result. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not mix colors with peroxide! Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows! After eye contact, rinse with warm water. Before staining, do not use shampoo with conditioner. When applying, use plastic gloves. All shades make a pre-test on a small strand of hair.

Guidance on the use and conditions of sale:

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Sasha 07.01.2015

Deserts, dyed hair color?

- It is a semi-permanent color, so eventually eluted.

Vevuš (Bratislava) 19.03.2014

It's a great color. Hair I have had all shades of blue, and this suits me the most :) I recommend :) A really must first bleach hair to white hair .. :)

Jasmín (Pezinok ) 22.07.2013

As you probably will not see the color to medium brown hair? And probably like to see the white color? Thank you for your response. :)

- I really do not know how you have to answer that. To achieve the desired color is recommended to first bleach hair to white, and only then apply the color Directions.

Mrkky (Brno) 26.06.2013

I have been confused ... But how do I put into the basket 2 colors? Somehow, I do not :/

- At the moment we had in stock last piece pack :-) - so you do not

Hony (Kopřivnice) 09.12.2012

Grabs it nicely to brown?

- If such be the color of the photos, you have to bleach hair to white.

Týna (Tábor) 30.09.2012

I highly recommend it, I have a few stripes on the head and holds the color for more than two months and a half. From the beginning of the blue, then it's a bit washed out in turquoise and green. Still a very nice color. I'm perfectly happy :-)


Paulina (Nowa Ruda) 28.05.2012

As the paint is applied and on what length of hair lasts one package?

- The length of the hair manufacturer says nothing but paint enough to paint in one long hair and two times at very short. Before farbieniem coat the face cream. Please use rubber gloves and paint on the first try within a hair. The paint is applied with a brush, comb or fingers washed, dry hair - well wczesać. Then leave for 30 - 40 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Aneta 24.05.2012

I have an allergy to henna thank you for your answer

- In my opinion, it is not henna. Everything is in Latin and English, but nothing resembling henna I found in the composition. Prior to the application but you must still read the composition. If there appeared an element to which you are allergic, immediately send back the goods and request a refund. CHECK BEFORE OPENING!

Aneta 23.05.2012

Hello, I would ask which helped the composition of paint because I'm allergic to the color thank you now for your answer

- Instead of laboriously transcribed here the whole composition will be easier if you give substance to which you are allergic, and I will confirm or disprove its occurrence in color Directions.

Halie 15.05.2012

The blond hair lasts up to a month, while brighter shade of blue but retains

- Very useful information, for which thanks.

Celestyna (Jeziorzany) 19.02.2012

Use ...


Celestyna (Jeziorzany) 19.02.2012

Could I ask for instructions urzycia this product, it takes me to an oxidizer?

- Instructions for use will fill in the description. Oxidizer much help - the color will then be clearer.

Aleksandra (Bydgoszcz) 05.02.2012

Does the color wash off after a few washes? I did not find this information anywhere, whether it is a durable paint ..

- This durable paint.

minonka 26.01.2012

When hair nezperoxiduju attain better color when apply the product several times in a row?

- That may be, but you should apply it gradually and always with a few days apart. But prefer to use peroxide, you have it safer.

minonka110 24.01.2012

Hello, I would like to ask how the color grabs on dark brown hair ..

- I recommend using peroxide first and then to color.

Kejtlin 14.12.2011

Hello, I would like to ask if I can use color more times .. As only the highlights, and then close it and use as the month again?

- of course

RejnoQ (Pečky) 30.11.2011

I have a question. How long paint vlaseh vydží?

- The manufacturer does not.

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