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color to hair STAR GAZER - UV Green - SGS110


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Vibrant green color

Stargazer hair color is easy to apply semi-permanent hair color with conditioner for direct use, without ammonia and peroxide.

Stargazer is the color of the hair, allowing you to reach shimmering and amazing result. S a wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from, each dyed hair to the desired effect. For exceptionally long hair, use two bottles of dye Stargazer. Contents: 70 ml

The product includes: manual, hair color (70 ml), gloves, shampoo (10 ml), stain remover (3 ml).

The color lasts up to max. 20x wash hair.

Availability: shipping in 24h

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Artep (Chomutov)

Good, is this really dark green, deep green? I bleached strands and now apple green color direction, but washes out very quickly, so I was wondering whether this color, at least a similar shade. Thanks
It is UV-green, so it should be lighter. Do not store arrives in tubes, not on the hair, so do not really know how it grabs. Perhaps so, as shown in the photos. ;-)

ßarusQa (Ústí nad Labem)

Hey, that color is seen on the red hair?
It is always best head peroxide bleach to white, and only then apply the color stamping Star Gazer.

Vanessa (Bratislava)

It would also like to see the brown hair?
Yes, but certainly not achieve such a color, what color these promises. It is best to bleach hair white before applying the color.

Zuzu (Pezinok)

are or will be available to other shades from this manufacturer?
Over time, we will offer more.

Sykes (Brno)

Hey, go see it in black hair? or you could theoretically doporič me some shade that would go to see black hair? many thanks.
The black hair is always best to use peroxide first, and then it any color and the result will be good.

Leguán,Rum (Sanhawkov)

Hello :)) You tutok in color blue? :)) Thanks ;)
Blue is sold out, but it would be the color of the gel: