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color to hair STAR GAZER - UV Turquoise - SGS110


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color to hair STAR GAZER - UV Turquoise

Vibrant turquoise color

Stargazer hair color is easy to apply semi-permanent hair color with conditioner for direct use, without ammonia and peroxide.

Stargazer is the color of the hair, allowing you to reach shimmering and amazing result. S a wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from, each dyed hair to the desired effect. For exceptionally long hair, use two bottles of dye Stargazer. Contents: 70 ml

The product includes: manual, hair color (70 ml), gloves, shampoo (10 ml), stain remover (3 ml).

The color lasts up to max. 20x wash hair.

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Availability: shipping in 24h
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Yukku 07.12.2013

the description is written that it is not necessary peroxide, so I would like to ask if I was caught on brown hair.

- the label is not written, it is not necessary peroxide, but the package does not contain peroxide, thus it must procure myself :) PZE without bleached hair would definitely recommend this color to cave

Sharr 27.11.2011

Hello ... If this does peroxide has something else that my hair bleaches or it discharged?

- Peroxide, you have to get yourself.

Jana 28.09.2011

When you have the color in stock?

- Probably before Christmas.

... 21.09.2011

otherwise we read here of the name is Uv color .. so it means that it is only visible under UV light or?

- No, it's more about the fact that is driving, but this should be taken with a little perspective. It is just significant, but the effect of the UV lamp is necessary.

... 19.09.2011

ahhh otherwise .. where we can find postage?


... 19.09.2011

.. mate it to the skald? I needed a bo .. and whether it is long-lasting hair color ..

- These colored (ie outside the black and peroxide) remain on the hair for a long time. Really up to 20 washes, but usually less.

Halina 07.08.2011

You do not want to move around the autumn season Brutal Assault? : X


laila 02.08.2011

I also want to ask for this color. It's nice. When will it be available? thank you

- if the manufacturer will certainly add - estimate the fall

:) 02.08.2011

I want to ask you, which will again be on sale the blue hair ... Thank you for your answer ...

- if the manufacturer will certainly add - estimate the fall

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