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make up STAR GAZER - White - SGS104


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make up STAR GAZER - White

make up on face of white color.


Package content: 40 ml

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Luc 16.11.2016

Hello, it is possible to make this mix with a different hue to obtain a lighter shade of makeup, or it is not recommended? I have very pale skin and the closer the winter, the whiter am. They can never get white makeup for mixing, you are my savior :)

- Hello, yes makeup can mix with others and you will achieve the lighter shade.

Petra 08.07.2014

As it should be with sweating?? I would use it for fencing ...

- In extreme conditions (the sport) has not been tested make up :)

Andrea 03.04.2013

Well thank you: D today I was in ptákovinách, know this brand and have experience with this and they told me that at full coverage so one bottle lasts for 3 people. I sleep in this discussion asked with that with this experience you can have, not must.


Andrea (Brno) 02.04.2013

I want to ask, we tableau school and one of the groups of 10 people will be skeleton zombie, I want the perfect cover makeup. How many faces bottle usually lasts? thank you :)

- This one did not count and the manufacturer does not provide such information. That's like asking for toothpaste and number of uses per tube. It'll never tell, because everyone else is applied paste and other quantities. It is the same with makeup.

Bereniké 26.01.2012

May I ask what is the volume of the bottle, and if makeup dries quickly?

- The vial is 30 g shake well. Make up dries quickly and is completely white. I got tested and I can only recommend it. :-)

Nessie 17.10.2011

I just wanted to ask if this is not the makeup irritating to the skin. I'm having a problem skin (acne) and I would hate it if I wasted even more rozdráždilo. There are some testimonials later?

- The e-mail correspondence can not remember that he should make-up anyone problems.

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