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earrings The Dragon's Lure (stud) ALCHEMY GOTHIC - E274


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one piece earrings - made of English pewter / pewter /

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Eliška (Lukavec)

It rozendavací earrings into two parts so that I walked into the normal holes in the ear?


If I handle size: 3 cm width and length 6cmbude me sit the earrings? :)
Certainly, it is malleable.

SuriKatka (Bratislava)

Holds fantastic ... It should be just fine adjust the ear .. ;) Many thanks ... ;)

Tina (Detva)

I would like to claim it! I paid for it almost 20 euros and it came right to my ear! Why?
We did not see that they were not broken down into right and left, for which I will be very sorry. We will replace it. Send goods back (Insure package, whether you lose) to our address (D24 - Marko Logistic METALSHOP.CZ, fever path 21, Zilina, 010 04), attach a letter describing the complaint and request a copy of the shipping invoice. Correct will send you a postage proplatíme.

Tinka (Detva)

I needed to have this earring rozťahovák, or just a normal hole in your ear?
Just a normal hole.

tomas (bratislava)

good I would like to ask why the black earring on the right ear and the left ... Silver also sells the black on the right and the left? thank you.
Sell ​​this one just to the left.

any (ra)

But trt is not the right ear, but the left .. black variant is right ....

alex (Bratislava)

I want to ask, how should I put the earring that you hold to your ear .. because it is still a little bite to it and I bent to me sat better, but I still like it falls ... Thanks for the reply
You have to gently shape of your ear. More will probably not help.


do not know if it would not interfere glasses earring??
I think not, but I've never tried. :-)


How many pieces are still available and can book?
At the moment 11 so booking is required. ;-)


Hello, I would like to ask if there is any difference between the silver and black version of this nausnice.Je the black paint sprayed somehow, I can not odloupat it?
the only difference is in color, the color in normal use neodloupne earrings.


friend has smaller ears, and the earring zohýbala needed and how beautifully she holds

ija5773 (ilava)

I do not want to say anything bad but does not fit me, nor the ear but nice earrings

metalistka :-) (Plzeň)

Beautiful day to you and I have one more question I'm not even at the first stage but I'm 12 years old and I am worried if my earrings dragon will clue you should not at least an estimate?? Thank you :-)
The label dimensions are - compare with the ear. ;-)

Bára (Brno)

Good day. I wanted to ask, how is it that my earrings on the ear does not hold. I'm not even preschool age children, or first grade elementary school, so it should hold. Thank you for your answer
We sold this product in a number of about 100 pieces, and yet no one had a similar problem - maybe it's the fact that each person has different ear shape - maybe you have an atypical shape of the ear or ear motorcycletilage ... I really have no idea what the problem may be


I apologize for the comment from "stupid blonde" it's my sister (incidentally discantka) ... I wanted to ask if I can with the earring into the water, or her mentor I always take off? Thank you
Rather off.

jhvmhmhhbh (Madeira)

Hello, you have this earrings in different sizes? Or you can somehow tighten?
Not in sizes. Shape holds in each ear, pomíjím to preschool and first grade elementary school.

Blbá blondýna

It is only in one ear to get it the second I have to cut off kua I already severed four fingers because prodávaj only 1 ring
Instead I'd rather cut off the ear ordered two earrings. ;-)

corvus (Žilina)

It is on both ears? ... Or is made only on the right as in the picture?
It is just to the right ear as shown.

Jana Fišerová (Praha)

Hello I want to ask whether she has earrings and ear odšroubovávací end is jekoby from thinning or stretch it tortures the fat tail ear? and how he then takes out a hook late in the thank you in advance.
It is broken down into two parts, so only stretch a hole through a thin banana and then fasten to the second part of the earrings.