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Solid regenerative impregnating wax balsam, which renews the color and keeps leather soft and supple.

Ideal treatment for shoes and leather materials on demanding conditions.

Apply a small amount of balsam on the leather using the wash sponge (included). Apply the balsam also to seams and let it dry. Do not use on suede or varnished leather.

Color: neutral, transparent - for all leather colors 

Content: 75ml.

Balsam is packed in a printed metal case.

This balsam is suitable for regeneration and overall protection of natural materials from cracking. It is especially appropriate for products that often come into contact with water and humidity.

Brand : Dr. Martens.


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Product reviews

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Jana 18.06.2019

Hello. Can I use this paste on my Martensky (Dr. Martens 1460, 8 eye, Genuine leather, Metallic Blue, Made in England) or is another type more suitable? Thank you

- Hello, thank you for your question. Since the paste is the same brand as the shoe, I believe it is the most appropriate type.

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