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Hair dye STAR GAZER - Plume

PLUME hair color, by STAR GAZER.

The best effects are achieved when applied to bleached or brightened hair - otherwise the color may not get the desired shade.

Stargazer hair color is an easy-to-use semi-permanent hair color with conditioner. For direct use. Free of ammonia and peroxide. 

Stargazer is a hair color that allows you to achieve glamorous and stunning results. A wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from, each one can dye your hair into the desired effect. 

For exceptionally long hair use two packages of Stargazer color. 

Content: 70ml

Color lasts up to 20x hair washing.

Instructions for use:

Wash hair with a deep cleansing/clarifying shampoo, then rinse hair well (no shampoo should remain on your hair). Dry your hair with a towel and then blow-dry them.

PROTECTION: Wear protective gloves while dyeing. Apply the dye to dry hair. Make sure you apply the dye to hair strands evenly and comb them. Lighter shades may require combing for longer time to maximize hair color absorption and longer color effect.

TIME:  Leave the dye on hair for 15-30 minutes. After that the dye completely absorbed, but these results vary demending on hair color and texture. For durable hair, we recommend using a plastic cap and increasing the application time up to 60 minutes or longer. Blow-drying will help to open up the cuticle and allow the hair color to better penetrate the hair strand, the color also lasts longer on the hair.

AFTER DYEING: Rinse hair with cold water until the water runs clear. 


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