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leather boots women's - STEEL

15-eyelet shoes STEEL made of genuine leather coated black.

Composition: leather and metal.

The toe is a metal brace (finger protection).

Color: Black.

Height shoes approx.: 30cm.
The height of the sole under the heel of approx.: 4cm.


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EU size Size (cm)
36 23 cm
37 24 cm
38 24.5 cm
39 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
41 26.5 cm
42 27 cm
43 28 cm
44 28.5 cm
45 29.5 cm
46 30 cm
47 30.5 cm
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Product reviews

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Jozef Nemec 21.12.2020

Dneska mi prišiel iný model zo zipsom

- Hello, if we have made a mistake, we deeply apologize for it. Please report the complaint through the form provided, which can be found here: https://www.metalshop.sk/s/reklamacia-a-vratenie-tovaru/

Bianka (Litomyšl) 06.02.2020

Hello, I would like to ask which size would recommend me when I have a shoe length 27.5. Plus please send me the height and girth of that size. Thank you

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. I would recommend size 43.

Katka (Spišská Belá) 15.09.2017

Hello I would like to ask or can be ordered with a zip

- Hello, only the model that is on the web is valid. Good evening.

William Sikes (Johnson City) 25.06.2017

I wear a us size 12, what size would I need.

- Please send this question to store@metal-shop.eu and write there a length of the inner insole you need. Please in centimeters.

Aggelos 17.04.2017

My foot is 26.5-27cm Which size should choose ?

- Size 42 or 43.

Andrej (Tomášov) 12.03.2015

Can I get those boots in the snow?

- It's not winter boots, but people wear them all year round. Snow will not hurt them. ;-)

Andrej (Tomášov) 11.03.2015

Hello what size has an internal length of 27 cm?

- Order size 43rd

Marek (Levoča) 18.02.2015

Hi I have a calf pad size 34 and 27.5 what size do you recommend?

- Hello we would recommend you size 43 :) It has a length of 27.5 cm insole.

Jana (Piešťany) 02.12.2014

Hello, I would like to ask, will at some time soon available size 38?

- Hello, steel boots keep it updated, please adjust eat bigger :)

Marek (Nitra) 02.12.2014

Good day. I have a calf circumference 34-35 cm and a length of 28 cm feet What size should I order?

- Hello I would recommend about 44, and if by chance did not fit so no problem to replace :)

Sofia (Nitra ) 16.08.2014

not from the inside hard? that one hurt fingers ...: /

- They are perfectly fine, but of course they need a little break in, as all heavy boots.

Gloria (Bratislava) 29.07.2014

I would like to ask my calf circumference is 36 cm and foot length 25 cm. Would my 41 good?

- The calf is not a problem, but the length of the foot is misleading. Measure insert some of their shoes and send me the length in cm. ;-)

Kristýna Kohlerová (Novosedlice) 23.07.2014

I wish I was just wondering how many goof around and weighs :)

- I'm not in stock weight, but those shoes will definitely have someone in your neighborhood, so he asks, whether vyzuje and potěžkejte a shoe. :-) Do not yet know the man who would be the tires could not get off the ground. ;-)

Lada Pchálková (Opava) 16.07.2014

I just want to ask when will be available 36 thanks :-)

- After all, they are in stock. :-) Feel free to order. 8-)

Andrea Melichová (Hybe) 04.05.2014

Hello, I want to ask if I order a size 36 when I have leg length 23 cm and calf circumference 29 cm. I will not be wide calf boots around? Thank you

- Yes, order 36

Feri (Tab) 16.01.2014

Hi, this is £ 26,035?

- £ 251.58

Pavel 17.12.2013

Hello, I have a calf circumference 45 cm and 30 cm length feet what size you recommend? Thank you

- choose size 47

Nell 09.12.2013

Hello, I would like to ask when the fill size :)

- Hello, until 2014, but other than vel.38 all sizes in stock :)

Ajka (košice) 12.12.2012

Good, I would like to ask that what number of shoes should I obiednať As the length of 25 cm I have attended, I have a calf circumference 38 cm .. 40 would have been good to me? .. Thank you in advance for your reply.

- VEL.39

Ady (Praha) 07.12.2012

Hello, I would like to ask if they have a zipper. Thank you.

- without zip

Elíša (Praha) 01.12.2012

Steely I have one 39th the size of I'd like to buy another one, but I do not know if it would not be better because 39 mi 38 are slightly larger. I have a foot long, about 24.5 cm plus or minus some of those millimeters and therefore do not know if I would have been 38 again small.

- Insert size 38 is 24.5 cm, so that when you write "plus some millimeters", maybe try right size 39th A little bit more would not matter, because when the whole zašňůrujete shoes, the foot will be fixed.

maja (lozorno) 31.08.2012

I have a 41 foot and calf I have a 30 cm. I will not be free?

- You will not be free.

Abby 08.08.2012

When you order a 36 (my shoe size 22.5) and so I lose 36 right?

- Yes.

Karolina (Mariánské Lázně) 22.12.2011

Hello, I ordered a steel shoe, for the second time (the first lasted me over 6 years) and everything is fine. I just wanted to ask what I just captured a gift? It looks like Choker (collar), but none came to me as I've found. Otherwise, as I wrote, everything in perfect order and all the shoes I can only recommend it! :) Thank you in advance for your answer

- if you have received the collar - it's one of the gifts that we přihazovali gratis into packages ... firmly determined action on the bracelets ended December 18, 2011

Jan (Praha) 12.12.2011

please you it's real leather?

- yes

Josef (Rumburk) 08.12.2011

good day if I order the shoes on Friday I will have until Monday? advance thank you very much

- It's not 100% at this Christmas time, but no later than Tuesday, yes.

Klara (Brno) 07.12.2011

Good evening I'd like to ask you can not just become a kontrulujete If you plan these shoes are not counterfeit Steel is my friend and he is false there lacked the brand steel shoe and so on, and I'm afraid it is not to counterfeit obědnat: (It can not Uvas state? promin you that this is but are afraid to ask

- The contractor working for a long time, so there is no fakes.

Kája (Veselí nad Moravou) 15.11.2011

Hello I would like to ask how much these boots calf circumference around in size 40 or 41st and what have those same circuit just 20 pinhole in the same size. Thank you for your answer :)

- vel.41 - circumference 29 cm; vel.40 dvacetidírkové not and we do the same.

steel 02.11.2011

good day I'd like to ask how tall boots SOU

- About 33 cm.

Benny 16.10.2011

and one more question, have a zipper? thanks in advance

- They do not zip.

Benny 16.10.2011

Hello, I have a size 45 and calf 44, I can buy a 15-pinhole or just 10? I am trying to fit into them. Thanks for the answer

- You go to both.

Monika 13.09.2011

Hello, I am 41 and vel.nohy calf at the widest part approx 37cm, below the 15 33cm.Stáhnu Pinhole shoes, they are not free? Thank you

- Yes, you download.

metloš 08.08.2011

suprový boots are fully satisfied I'm dreaming people choose these shoes :)


Terezie (břidličná) 25.07.2011

Ahooj ..... I just wanted to ask what is the number of shoes when I have a foot xD 26.5 cm, and when I have Litka 30 cm then what should I buy? 10 or 15 Pinhole shoes

- You might as well as 15-pinhole size and 41st

vojcek 15.06.2011

for ads: thanks to those shoes you buy


asd 15.06.2011

ja mam calf 35 and to me quite freely, the Counseling downloaded. +5 Cm would not tackle at all :)


vojcek 13.06.2011

well-being, I would like to ask if the larger number is increasing and circuit Litka because I have size 45 and 40 cm circumference Litka

- Yes, also increases the circuit and especially there are laces that you can download, allow ....

Iggy (Bn) 22.05.2011

Hey guys I would like to ask when I see the circuit so I Litka mam circumference 45 cm which will be better 15 or 20 eyelet? : P thanks

- Max. 15-pinhole.

lukáš 15.04.2011

when I have a calf 38 cm would be better 10 or 15 holes

- And what size you wear them?

Riso (kosice) 08.03.2011

I want these shoes and if I ordered the battery to 42 centimeter foot su

- Steel shoes in black size 42 is for feet 26.5 cm.

hexa 04.03.2011

how come the height of

- About 33 cm.

hexa 04.03.2011

ok thank you but one more question about how long are they?

- Long or high? If long, so please size.

hexa (Liptovský Hrádok) 03.03.2011

12 pinhole is probably not derived from.

- Only 8, 10, 15

ballyn 14.02.2011

When you subscribe me this Friday will come on Monday? Alternatively, order a Thursday :)

- Order it now and you have a problem. ;-)

lukáš 11.02.2011

Thanks for the info a week or so are mine :)


Lukáš 03.02.2011

These shoes were me I would like to páčej optat if I obejdan 43 so as to centimeter foot toje (I know that it is in the European standard but do not know how many 43 centimeter shoe, thanks for the answer)

- Size 43 is 27.5 cm long inner lining.

Patrik 12.01.2011

čauvec optat I wanted to when I have so much leg 43 inches of it is thanks :)

- Simply order size, too 43rd We use European standards.

furmo (Žilina) 25.11.2010

thank you for the info!


furmo (Žilina) 24.11.2010

But if I had them put on his boliby so it would not be seen under the sock shoes? a goat is not stretched over time?

- Sock certainly not be seen. The skin adapts and extends.

furmo (Žilina) 23.11.2010

obujem if I prefer to buy 10 pinhole?

- Have a calf circumference of about 30 cm, so you are tied because they simply enable the laces, but the question of how it would look. Rather go for a 10-pinhole.

furmo (Žilina) 18.11.2010

so about 7.5 to 8

furmo (Žilina) 16.11.2010

I have a 44 cm calf!

- And what size you wear?

furmo (Žilina) 16.11.2010

I have a pretty wide calf obujem them?


murderdollka (namestovo) 14.11.2010

Čawes: D are pretty chchem buy them but I need more info on them: D, for example, the size 41 is the battery centimeter leg? or I will not buy them when male: D

- The foot long 26.5 cm.

mim (Banska Bystrica) 10.11.2010

Hi I am interested to buy the steel I would just like more info more photos thank you

- From the other side look the same, the shoe is more to shoot. If you have questions about size, so write to sklad@metalshop.sk. The shoe is made of genuine leather, the surface quality paint, mostly without Poleski. Sewn and glued, good rubber outsole. Comfortable shoes that are almost nereklamuje. You will be happy. ;-)

Mifonka (čadca) 05.09.2010

But the superr .. are nice but I € vrinká!! = (((


jan hlavac (travnik) 01.09.2010

I wanted to say and not nane nana


jan hlavac (travnik) 01.09.2010

Semi much liked the shoes but I do not have nana


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