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leather boots women's - - STEEL - 139/140-4P


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leather boots women's - - STEEL

brand leather shoes STEEL. Material: leather, metal. Shoes are fitted with four functional buckles and zipper on the inside. Height about shoes.: 37 cm.

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Size chart

EU size Size (cm)
36 23 cm
37 24 cm
38 24.5 cm
39 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
41 26.5 cm
42 27 cm
43 28 cm
44 28.5 cm
45 29.5 cm
46 30 cm
47 30.5 cm
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Kaine (Piedmont) 02.02.2016

Are these unisex?

- Hi Kaine, yes, these boots are unisex.

Petra (Prostějov) 07.01.2015

Hello, it would be possible to measure the length insole for sizes 38 and 39? Thanks in advance

- 24 and 24.5 cm.

Petra 04.10.2014

Hi, I would like to ask if the size 38?

- It should arrive in time. We'd sold out sizes added, if permitted by the manufacturer. We recommend that you set your watch demanded size. In case of completion will then be able to send a notification email.

Katka (Praha) 02.08.2014

Hi, I would like to ask what are the dimensions of size 38 shoes over the calf?

- Hi there, so this is for size 34-38 cm and is measured to be enabled buckle to the last hole.

Terezka (Brno) 15.04.2014

Hello, I would like to ask if you supply size 36 :) Thank you very much

- Eventually, yes. Set your watches demanded size.

Lena (Brno) 16.02.2014

I want to ask how wide over the calf? Vel.44

- If you do not have calf circumference greater than 50 cm, so you definitely will not have a problem.

Terka (Plzeň) 01.12.2013

Hello, I'm a little stupid, but I would like to ask how much these shoes weigh ... Thank you in advance for your answer

- what size? :-)))))))) The greater the harder - 1.5 kg :-)))))))))

Bernard (Riga) 15.10.2013

If it good for winter? In my country temperature during winter months is from -15C until -20C. Sometimes lower.

- Shoes aren't winter, but people wear them in the winter. They have a steel tip. When it get cold, so tip a lot of chilly. Probably not recommend them to you.

Ondra (Bouzov) 13.10.2013

Hello, you zip reliable? Thank you Andrew.

- It should. :-) If they go wrong, you can claim the shoes.

Mia 13.03.2013

Hi there. What is the length of the strings? Is the same for all types of 20-eyelet Steele? Thank you.

- The length is the same for all types of pinhole 20 Steel. Laces are long enough to go all intertwined loops and still remains a piece at a bind. Do not happen that someone would return shoes because tkaničkám short, so you do not have to worry. ;-)

Laura (Bratislava) 02.01.2013

where they are ordering? I once read that in America. It's the truth?

- This is a trade secret, but it is not America, but rather Europe. :-)

Lenča (Trnava) 18.12.2012

hello. I wanted to ask how much will be in size 38? Thanks for the reply.

- Overall height is 37 cm, 4 cm-thick sole.

Lenča 14.10.2012

and it somehow did not pick or buy them without the steel toe?

- No, without steel tip is manufactured.

Lenča 14.10.2012

have a steel toe or not?

- yes, they have

Majkl (Karlovy Vary) 05.08.2012

Could use 46 will ever be available?

- It will. Set the watchdog.

Abby (Spišská Belá ) 22.07.2012

Please also have a size 36?

- yes - in stock, delivery the next working day

Lečo (Bardejov) 20.04.2011

I want to ask what are the wide calf over?

- Indicate size, please. Please note that shoes are the laces. They can be tight or loose, so the calf is moving dimension in this case.

Hami 19.12.2010

These shoes are suitable for winter?

- Not winter, but winter is wearing a lot of people, so it can. ;-)

Viki 15.10.2010

Doubrý day I would like to ask if these shoes in size are 47 still in stock thank you for your answer

- Yes, at this moment, are on offer.

viki 19.09.2010

Sou these shoes in size 47 in stock, and how long would I přšli from order confirmation?

- They are in stock - we sent in two days.

pepino 18.09.2010

thank you


endy (Kolín) 15.09.2010


pepino (Rumburk) 14.09.2010

Please you are these boots for boys?

- For girls and boys.

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