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leather boots women's - STEEL

15-eyelet shoes STEEL made of genuine leather coated with high quality paint.

Composition: leather and metal.

The toe is a metal brace (finger protection).

Color: burgundy, black.

Height shoes approx.: 30cm.
The height of the sole under the heel of approx.: 4cm.


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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Sebo (Krajné) 04.02.2020

Hello . I want to ask . I started peeling my skin off those shoes. How to solve it? Thank you for your response

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. You should report a claim. The form can be found here: https://www.punkshop.eu/s/advertising-and-return/

Katka (Spišská Belá) 02.08.2017

Hello, If I have a foot 24cm what size should I order?

- Hello Katko, choose size 37.

Patrik (Tábor) 22.12.2015

Hello mam foot 22 cm. I have ordered shoes size 36 ?? Or recommending a different size ?? Thanks in advance

- Hey, foot length is not a sufficient size to you could recommend a suitable size. Rather, measure the length of the inner lining some of your boot and log in. That dimension will help to better estimate the size.

Tomas (Nyrany) 17.10.2014

Hi I ordered these super shoes but I chose the wrong size. It would be exchanged for smaller? how it will be with dobyrkou when my order was over 3000kč tejd and it is just a replacement? Thanks for the reply!

- Write to reklamace@metalshop.cz and instructions will be provided.

Kristýna (Liberec) 23.09.2014

Hello, I would like to ask what size would be right for me if I have a foot approximately 23 cm. Thank you for your response.

- Size of the 36th

Ondřej (Olomouc) 07.12.2013

Hello, make these shoes even in 10-eyelet version? (Red-black, matte) with a ratio of black: red = approximately 4:1> with prevailing black as shown in Figure

- Hello, yes: http://www.metalshop.cz/boty/boty-kozene/p/boty-steel-10-dirkove-vinove-105-106-red-black-burgund/, just skin color, we can not guarantee the same as in Figure :)

Veronika 03.12.2013

Hello, I would like to ask if the shoes are more red or burgundy. Here the picture is more burgundy and those users are adding more red. And yet, when I wear sneakers and sneakers and boots vel 37 38, which size is better for me?

- shoes are rather red and recommend rather more so in your case size 38

Zdenca (Rimavska Sobota) 01.06.2013

Hello I would like to ask what size do I need if I have a leg about 26 cm?

- see. :) size 26 cm = Size: 40

Mara 11.12.2012

Hello, please when you have size 40 in stock? I have leg 26 cm long, so the tables assume that 40 is the correct size or not? Thanks for the reply

- are ordered, should arrive tomorrow, you have the right size :)

Niky 21.10.2012

Hello, I wanted to ask if it is better to have Steely exactly on the foot or a little larger. And what size should I be when I have botasky 6.5? Thank you for your answer

- Size 40 and well on her leg.

Andrej 04.09.2012

Size 44-45 do you have?

- VEL.44, 45 IS STOCK

Kajka... 29.03.2012

I have a foot about 24 cm .. What number would suit me?

- 37 short

Peťula 29.03.2012

Hi .. I would like to order these shoes but I do not know what number ... my leg is 38 but I do not know if I still builds up .. it would be better to order a number 39?

- If you grow, so she did.

veronika (huntířov) 29.02.2012

Hello, I would like to ask if you have a stock number 40? Thank you for your answer

- Yes, we can immediately send

Jituna (Roudnice nad Labem) 29.01.2012

Hello, I would like to ask if you also have size 41? thank you for your answer

- during this week will be in stock - recommend - register a watchdog at this size

Ginger (čadca) 25.12.2011

Hello, I was wondering if my foot is about 27 cm what number do I order? :)

- About 41, maybe 42nd Find out what suits you EU size.

Darkness (Ostrava) 13.03.2011

Please I would like to ask if I have a number of 39 feet if you'd rather have to order one size larger or maybe 39?

- Order 39th

Mato (Banska Bystrica) 06.02.2011

I beg you these are feminine or unisex?

- unisex

Retrasteinka (Brno) 12.01.2011

They have a zipper?

- They do not.

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