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shoes STEEL

10-hole "glady" boots by STEEL made of genuine leather, covered with a solid technical leather with a print.

Quality leather shoes!

Shoe height approx.: 25cm.

Height of the sole (measured on the heel) approx .: 4cm.

Composition: genuine leather, synthetic leather, metal.

There is a metal reinforcement in the toe of the shoe (finger protection).

Color: black, white.



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Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h
EU size Size (cm)
36 23 cm
37 24 cm
38 24.5 cm
39 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
41 26.5 cm
42 27 cm
43 28 cm
44 28.5 cm
45 29.5 cm
46 30 cm
47 30.5 cm
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Tomaš 26. 5. 2016 19:20:18

How tall is inside the shoe vel. 41, possibly vel.42 thank you.

- Hi Tomas, vel. 41-26 cm / vel. 42 - 26.5 cm.

Dano 28. 3. 2016 21:04:01

What size would you recommend to me when my leg is 26.5 cm, thanks for the reply.

- Hi Dana, thank you for your question. According to the data it should be size. 42nd

J 1. 9. 2014 18:41:19

Hello shoes I wore a total of 1.5 hours, and already under my tkaničkama in place tightening peeled paint, so there I paint stains from sloupaného :( Shoes here previously waxed regeneration and impregnating wax paste.

- Please send goods back (as a valuable package) to the METALSHOP.CZ Ltd., Bystřice over Olší 174, Bystřice, 739 95th Include a copy of the invoice and in your own words, written complaint letter.

holik 21. 1. 2014 16:37:18

Please when you have size 43

- beginning of February 2014 :) Sorry for the previous answer

Aďa (Nitra) 28. 11. 2013 23:48:51

Hey please do what is the size of the sole in size 41? possibly 40? Thank you ...

- Internal dimensions of sole (insert) is for size 40-25 cm, with sizes from 41 to 26 cm.

Pady (Stupava) 5. 11. 2013 11:23:51

I want to order No.43, when they?

- Quite often complementary, so you either set the watch size 43, or directly order any of the sizes that are offered, and notes indicate that you are interested only in size 43 We provide the manufacturer.

Will (Melbourne) 11. 10. 2013 19:58:34

Is it possible to request one where the white stain is only on the toe/heel part? that's the kind of style I want.

- We haven't a model with a white toe or heel only. Shoes are more into black, but piebald. As the photo.

Jožo (Rimavská Sobota) 28. 12. 2012 09:25:44

you sleep or what? I'm waiting here for 3 days and do not answer my answer! I want to buy them but I do not know what the big "shoe insert" when Vlkoš is 44 and I do not want to wait nabudúcich of Christmas!

- 28.5

Jožo (Rimavská Sobota) 25. 12. 2012 09:02:48

what a great shoe insert when its size is 44

- 29 cm.

AndrejA (Kyjatice) 24. 12. 2012 14:03:28

I would like to Spiti what is inside big shoes in "cm" when the size is 44

- 29 cm.

Pavel (Třinec) 24. 7. 2012 00:28:45

Hi, I would like to ask whether they are to take in your new shop in bytřici

- health, yes, the sizes that are in stock at are in our shop in Bystřice

xxx 19. 6. 2012 07:20:51

Hi I would like to ask from KUD the foot measured? :) ... thanks for your answer

- The shoes we can measure the insert. Otherwise, use a numbering European footwear.

Agree 5. 5. 2012 12:11:54

I have a big foot 28.5 cm what would you advise?

- Size 44th

Agree 21. 4. 2012 19:39:15

When you are going to put action to these topánky.Alebo it can not be accurately determined.

- For now, we do not consider a sale.

Pavol (Gbely) 2. 4. 2012 17:19:38

Kedybych wrote in a note that the darker they want as long as it would take delivery? And it could be that? Thank you

- It can not be determined. Every skin is sprayed otherwise.

Roman (Beluša) 22. 3. 2012 15:50:58

Oh, and if I order the 8-eyelet so as long as you would like them delivered? since they do not offer the

- 14 days.

Roman (Beluša) 21. 3. 2012 18:51:44

They would buy the 8 eyelet?

- Yes, it certainly can. Order 10-holes and write a note that you want 8 pinhole. Price is as different colors 8-pinhole that we offer.

qckoss (Moravská Třebová) 9. 8. 2011 17:25:54

Hello, how many measures the size 45? Thanks for the reply

- Insert the 33.5 cm.

Vojta (Praha) 2. 7. 2011 13:22:33

what size would you advise me when did I have a leg 26 cm for pre-dik odoved

- About the size of the 40th I recommend this order notes indicate that you need 26 cm inner sock and applying for measurement before shipment. Accommodate note.

Tomigane (jihlava) 27. 4. 2011 21:31:09

and how it is measured in centimeters inside shoes size 47 so I'm not great

- 30.5 cm.

Tomigane (jihlava) 31. 3. 2011 15:43:25

good I would like to ask if you have in stock size 46-47

- Size 46 at the moment we do not, but coming soon. Size 47 is available in the menu.

Jenda (Štítary) 28. 1. 2011 22:00:11

Hello I have a question if you would write me exactly when I will be 43 great here today but unfortunately it is ordered, thanks for the answer '

- Roughly a month. Set the watchdog.

Lukáš Vaňátko (Hrádek nad Nisou) 17. 1. 2011 20:50:46

Look and never will soon shoe size 43?

- Yes, coming soon.

Martin Lebeda (Strakonice ) 3. 1. 2011 20:17:29

I'm looking for a number that you do not nabydce and 50th the size that can get even In another type?

- Size 50 is not made. Max. 47th

Nikola (Ružomberok) 6. 12. 2010 22:57:24

Satisfaction is great :) :)


Matt 2. 12. 2010 17:17:08

I want to ask of this color will not happen to No.43 in the near future on the glass? diki.

- Soon to be number 43 added. Set the watchdog.

Altim 22. 11. 2010 18:11:10

I would like to ask when you will be available between 46/47. Thank you.

- supplement regularly - apparently 23.11.2010

Henry (Trenčín) 29. 10. 2010 10:34:20

Hello, I would like to ask if one could arrange to send me the Steely of darker skin, preferably exactly the same as on the picture, to me it would not fit too pale at all ....

- Buy shoes and the requirement to provide comments. We'll see what we can for you to do.

pavel 27. 10. 2010 12:25:05

Hello I would like to buy shoes for you but I do not know whether I will be male so I wanted to ask if you could go back?

- The goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of shipment.

... 25. 9. 2010 17:06:33

Hello, I would like to ask how it is with the color of these shoes in the photos of users are pretty white but on other pictures are almost all black ... maybe it just looks at the pictures. Thanks for the reply

- The customer is beautifully photographed to see what shoes a little different representation of white and black colors. The reason is simple: the skin is prepared in advance, then sheared and used for the manufacture of shoes. Someone will get darker, someone lighter, depending on skin that has been used. Darker shoes can achieve using globin, white shoes again using light globin. The darker the color is gradually / slowly fading.

Veronika Lelovičová (Tešedíkovo) 26. 7. 2010 15:35:32

Hello, I would like to Spiti, which will be available from a size 40? Thank you

- Shoes STEEL supplement regularly (at least once a month). Size No. 40 will be available no later than August 6, 2010

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