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belt Pyramids 2

2 rows of black belt decorated with pyramids. Composition: synthetic leather, metallic silver pyramids. Height approx pyramids. 0.5 cm width for all sizes approx.: 3.7 cm. For waist circumference approx.: "M"-from 71 to 88 centimeters, "L"-from 83 to 100 cm, "XL"-from 92 to 109 cm, "XXL"-from 100 to 117 cm. Material: synthetic leather.


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Product reviews

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onn 24.07.2018

Will not it be?

- Hello, thank you for your inquiry, unfortunately, the products first need to sell out all sizes and then re-order the manufacturer to re-order all sizes. I can only offer a double-row tape https://www.metalshop.sk/p/22229-opasok-pyramidy-2-pas-015/

Klára (mladejov) 09.09.2014

Hello, I would like to ask if the pyramid on the reverse side covered. The picture looks right. Thanks

- Yes, they are.

Lenka Valešová (Velvary) 24.03.2014

Why do you have at the end of the description of "technical leather"??

- Because it's not real leather, but leatherette. But the strap is fixed. From a technical skin is now doing everything. ;-)

Ela 26.02.2014

Hello, you please have a size S?

- Probably not, we never had S-ko. Size S but can be found in other pyramid Tape: http://www.metalshop.cz/opasky/opasky-s-kovem/v/S/

Gof 27.11.2013

I would like to ask how is this strip fat?

- thickness is 0.9 cm with pyramidkama and without pyramids: 0.3 cm. Other sizes can be found in the product description.

Thom 04.10.2013

Hello I would like to ask whether there is a tape of the same color as the tape pyramids Pyramids 2 - PAS-015 - BLM Thanks for the answer

- Yes, the pyramids are the same color.

Thomas(Judas) (Jeseník) 31.01.2013

How much does shipping

- http://www.metalshop.cz/s/obchodni-podminky/

Thom7 01.11.2012

Hello I would like to ask if there are piramidky 1x1cm or 0,5 x0, 5cm, in the description you have 0.5 and in the discussion here to read 1x1 ... thank you for your answer

- 1.5 x 1.5

Ivi 23.07.2012

is it real leather?

- yes

ČONY 13.01.2012

Please what is the difference between this belt for 390, - CZK and belt Pyramids 2 - PAS-015 - BLM for 490, - CZK? both have the same design but is there a difference in price, why? that one is better?

- Cheaper is thinner strap to capture the rest of the tape on the leather. More expensive is about twice as thick, so solid, and it has a metal strap.

Kofi 10.01.2012

please how large a pyramid? again about 1x1 cm?

- Yes.

Ruda Neruda 26.10.2011

Are you planning size L in Neak specific date?

- They are ordered, but I do not know exactly which types they run out. Set a guard dog, please.

tamara 20.09.2011

plan size L? :)

- Planned.

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