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bracelet skin 1

leather bracelet with přezkovým opening - 7 positions. Material-kůže.Šířka bracelet: 2.1 cm. For wrist approx. 14-21,5 cm.


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Product reviews

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Roland (Nové Zámky) 22.08.2014

This is purely a product or ladies' and men? ...

- For both men and women.

Terka 21.11.2013

The bracelet I have a good experience. I wear it for a couple of years almost daily, material and non-black belt is still silver. :-)


m 15.04.2012

I want to ask if when the spots or neocierni me the bracelet and the clasp arm, has anyone experience with that? thanks

- No stain you should not stay.

Dominik 01.03.2011

It is possible to get a similar bracelet, so that it was possible to insert cones? My old puller was torn, and I need only one tape. Thank you :-)

- You can only purchase a tape with nothing whole. The holes you have to do it myself - maybe you can ask a shoemaker, he makes contact.

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