pants women Black Pistol - Close Pants Stripe Black / Red

Women's hipster pants brand. BLACK PISTOL.

Composition 98% cotton, 2% spandex.

The pants are provided with two pairs of pockets (two front and two rear).

Please note that the dimensions stated in the table below are only approximate and that the actual sizes between different products and styles may vary.

Approximate dimensions in cm (CIRCUIT is 2 x width)


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Size chart

Size Pants waist width (cm) Length (cm)
26 37 101
28 39 102
30 41 104


34 47 110
36 49 110
38 52 111
40 55 112
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Viper (Praha) 02.03.2013

Pants are really women? I walked all the pants from Black pistol and discussion with them, and it seems to me that the pants are more unisex. Thanks

- I also tend to unisex.

Lucka1719 15.08.2012

Hello, when will the stock size 28 or 30? thanks

- It depends on the manufacturer, if he chooses to produce. So far, these sizes are not.

Leona 12.08.2012

I would like to ask if size is not 28 in the near future?

- Other sizes are sold (including 28).

Bebuška (Nová Dubnica) 24.11.2011

bry day I wanted to ask if the dimensions are correct, because in leg size 34, I would have to keep them shortened by 15 cm ... thanks

- Yes, they are correct.

Verča 17.04.2011

You will also have smaller sizes?

- We could custom order. Delivery time up to 60 days. If interested, write to

Danielka 30.03.2011

I ordered these pants. Arrived today: D aa big as me somehow ... but I claim them?

- Yes, write to

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