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bracelet skin 5

leather bracelet with přezkovým opening - 7 positions. Material-skin. Bracelet Width-16cm, suitable for wrist circumference of approx 17-24 cm arm circumference and approx 23-28 cm.


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:) 17.11.2013

So yes or no? : D :)

- JO :)

:) 16.11.2013

Hello, it's ready to wear and women?

- :)

SoulTaker 13.12.2011

zdravim taka question is taken as par? or is it one kusovka? thank you for your answer

- 1 piece

Joshiro 26.11.2011

It's just like ma 5 cm length? or how long is it? I do not see it: (

- 16 cm long.

Viking (Hell) 27.02.2011

already těšííím until the dough at all .... I am not afraid that I will not: D I'll be at 100%


Křečan (Kladno) 12.01.2011

It suprovej bracelet and it is quite long, but those 5 cm do not understand why there is written.

- About 5 cm in the label does not say. If you mean the number 5 in the name, so this has nothing to do with centimeters - it's just an indicative number bracelet, which serves mainly to our skladníkům to know about the product goes, when a customer orders it. ;-)

Matej (srandoland) 25.12.2010

It is the same as the picture? bo of a match you are writing to me I mean 5 cm length from the first to the first belt buckle or how?

- 5 cm from the wrist to the forearm.

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