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shoes STEEL

20-hole boots by STEEL made of genuine leather coated in black.

The shoes have a side zipper for easy dressing.

Composition: leather, metal.

There is a metal reinforcement in the toe of the shoe (finger protection).

Black colour.

Shoe height approx.: 38cm.
Height of the sole under the heel: approx. 4cm.


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EU size Size (cm)
36 23 cm
37 24 cm
38 24.5 cm
39 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
41 26.5 cm
42 27 cm
43 28 cm
44 28.5 cm
45 29.5 cm
46 30 cm
47 30.5 cm
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Abby (Mulhouse) 10. 1. 2017 13:15:24

Hello, I need to have thin legs or loops strips are wide enough to close them?

- Hello! The boots are closed with a zipper, so I think that a fine or medium build adapted.

Marc (Hannover) 31. 8. 2016 08:54:26

Are the unisex?

- Hello, yes, the shoes are unisex.

Vlad III (Bgd) 29. 12. 2014 11:54:10

Greetings! Do you have the numbers 43 and 44?

- Yes, we have. :-) Please order at at the moment.

Cristina (Brescia) 16. 11. 2014 14:53:05

Ciao, il mio piede misura 25cm, quale taglia é più adatta a me? Di solito uso il 39, ma a volte anche il 40, dipende come calzano, cosa mi consigliate?

- Size 40.

Beeman (Warsaw) 17. 12. 2013 20:55:36

Just got these, and so far they're AWESOME. The size is what your usual size should be, so there's zero problem with compatibility, they're wicked comfortable and look amazing!


Lenka 23. 4. 2012 16:28:16

Thanks for the advice :)


Lenka 20. 4. 2012 19:49:33

Hi, I want to ask my leather pants-cut jeans, I put these shoes pants? And my leg 26 cm, men have-enough size 40? Thank you.

- S inserting inside leg should not be a problem. Size 40 you should be fine.

Alča 12. 4. 2012 22:28:38

I want to ask about size when my leg is 26 cm high, what should I buy the right size? thanks

- Size 41st

Filip (Zlaté Hory) 21. 3. 2012 19:52:39

They are amazing and yes, zip is an advantage, 'cause my shoes quickly. So I have too little bolej legs, but I was only two days, so it wants working. Otherwise I am absolutely satisfied.


Brian (BB) 9. 10. 2011 19:34:39

They are amazing but I takes them from and against all the ... I had no once and someone asked whether they are also without the zipper so I once bought Underground segregation in GB are pretty much the same 20-s 5 but without buckles side zipper odorucam views over the net are both around 100 €


Alex (Radzovce) 1. 10. 2011 09:52:49

number thirty-axis of the shoe is the same number of shoes botasiek?? (Eg deichmanu?) Thank you for your reply

- The numbering should correspond to the European numbering also other footwear. It is standard.

Botan (BA) 21. 7. 2011 23:12:00

and it is possible that he would hurt me in the leg?

- When not used, so At first foot may hurt. But it is a question of habit.

Botan (BA) 15. 7. 2011 11:36:49

I've never had Taketo wearing boots, it is true that they are uncomfortable to wear and hard?

- Are harder and more comfortable shoes on the market most certainly find them, but you can not expect in such shoes will feel like sandals, yes. ;-)

Azazelo (Bratislava) 3. 7. 2011 16:38:59

I would like to know if you have these same but without the zipper! Thanks in advance for your reply.

- Zips are just

Petra 29. 11. 2010 12:10:01

There ATTENTION written but there is nothing I would like to ask, what should I be aware :) Thanks much

-ěkujeme for the warning, error was corrected

Dia (Bratislava) 29. 9. 2010 11:45:19

I've already bought them ... :) Are the best .. and the zipper is a big advantage ..


Dia (Bratislava) 15. 9. 2010 12:16:09

have a zipper?

- Yes, they have zips.

Tibor (Lučenec) 6. 9. 2010 20:17:00

are waterproof?

- They are made of leather, that just does not let water. ;-)

Michal (martin) 24. 7. 2010 20:11:17

thank you very much for your answer ...

Akerei (Restara) 20. 6. 2010 16:47:01

No it is not. Shoes are unisex

Michal (Martin) 24. 5. 2010 14:57:15

What is the difference please between male and female? and they are male or female? thank you for your answer

- Exactly how to write Akerei above - are unisex, ie. for men and ladies.

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