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leather boots - KMM - Black

8x-pinhole KMM shoes made of genuine leather coated with paint in various shades. Composition: leather, metal.

In the toe is a metal stiffener (finger protection).

Color: Black.

The total height of shoes approx .: 23 cm.

Embossed logo on the outer side of the shoe may not always be on each product (company KMM) the logo printed sporadically.


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Product reviews

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Tomm (UH) 11.12.2016

Hi I would ask if you have KMM black 8direk vel.44-embossed logo on the outside of the shoe ?? thank you for answer

- Hello, yes - these are the ones you have now before us. See photo.

Marina (Santander) 19.10.2016

Hi. I'd like to ask how much cms are size 36 on this. I'm 23'5 feet, and i've had number 37 sz on this label and runned on me a bit large and wide. Don't know if 36 would be small por it would be a pain (i like to wear boots tight) Thanks.

- Hi, size 36 - length of insole is 23,5 cms; size 37 - length of insole is 24 cms.

Míša 10.03.2016

Hello, my leg is 26 cm, what size I wear, I'm not sure whether 40 or 41. Thank you for your response.

- Hello size 40 should suffice.

Dante 30.04.2013

and if I get 48 you would have to go? I think the sou 31.5 cm

- But size 48 is not done. Sizes range KMM ends to size 47

Dante 30.04.2013

Hello I have a length of 32 feet what should I order a size shoes

- The largest size (47) an insert in the shoe 31 cm long, so probably for you veliost we do not have.

Crow 28.04.2013

Hello I wear shoes 14, 5 which I think is 49 and I need to ask whether this could be ordered extra shoes thank you in advance for your reply

- Unfortunately not, because they are so big soles - these make up only 47

Dee (PD) 25.12.2012

What is the total amount of shoes?

- 22 cm from the sole to 3.5 cm.

Patrik 23.06.2012

Shoes I obědnal 6.22 yesterday when I come?

- Two to three days.

Patrik 22.06.2012

Hello my leg length 28 cm what should I obědnat size?

- Size 43rd

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