boots leather - High Vampire Boot (161-S1) Black - NEW ROCK

NEW ROCK is one of the world's best companies producing shoes.

NEW ROCK products are sold in 65 countries around the world. Its quality and most importantly - original designs - helped them win over even the biggest rock stars in business. NEW ROCK likes the sense of nature, that's why they us only genuine leather, steel and quality rubber. NR boots use special manufacturing technology that grants its user absolute comfort. Every pair of NR boots comes with special antibacterial insole which has not only antiseptic properties but also optimally shapes itself to your foot. There are many air chambers within the sole that will guarantee you many years of comfortable wearing. NEW ROCK footwear is executed in the most precise way with great number of small details. You'll find it very easy to appreciate the overall top quality and unrepeatable design they offer.

Manufacturer: NEW ROCK, Spain.


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Product reviews

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viraj (phoenix) 15.05.2014

do you have this model with hight sole ?

- We have not higher sole than this one, sorry.

corvuscorax (zilina) 22.02.2012

I want to ask is whether the availability of 14 days or be true to wait 60 days to other models ... thank you in advance for your reply

- For each model is different. If you're really interested in the shoes, write to and the deadline to find exactly.

Peter 20.02.2012

Hello I would like to ask what is the total height boots

- About 45 cm.

Lukash (Prdim) 10.04.2011

luxury shoes


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