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bracelet BWZ-107

smooth black bracelet, made of leather, lined with felt. Dimensions approx.: Length: 10cm, minimum wrist: 16cm, minimum elbow circumference: 20cm, strap length 95 cm.


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Alexander (Schönheide ) 17.06.2017

Hello :) Is the bracelet made of genuine leather or leather imitation?

- Natural leather lined with felt.

Courtney 25.09.2013

Hello, I wanted to order 2 pcs of this product, but you do not have it in stock in the required quantity. I want to ask when you get back, if at all. I do not want to order one and then doobjednávat of other items, I want both were identical. Thank you.

- We only have one piece - today we discussed over the phone, so the answer applies. Do Christmas bracelets would add to, but more accurate term to at this moment I am unable to say. This product is added in bulk once a year.

Dominika 28.08.2013

Hello, may I ask, what does the 118 cm? :) Thanks for the answer

- My colleague thought that surely the "shoelace". When you pull it out ok, but so does the length of 118 cm, but only 95 cm. I've corrected the caption.

Jan 18.12.2012

Price is for one or for both?

- apiece

Martin (Smolín) 27.11.2010

Hello, I would like to ask if this is only bracelet on the wrist or on the whole forearm. Thank you for your answer.

- It is 10 cm long, so only the wrist.

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