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watches EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator AW15 - Alchemy Gothic


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watches EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator AW15

Normal 0 21 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 exceptionally finely processed watches firm Alchemy Gothic. Mechanics brand Quartz, housing and metal parts made of English pewter / pewter /. Cover dial equipped magentickým finish. Marking time on a clock face in the shape of the galvanic scale. The strap watch variably adjustable for different wrist. Perfect mechanical effect of the whole. Watches can be adjusted by removing the inner part of the display when you open the cover of the watch.

Ideal for wrist circumference from 13.5 to 20.5 cm.

Watches are not waterproof.

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Kaizer 11.01.2014

I would like some more info on this piece before I srsly consider blowing 230 USD. 1. Is it waterproof? 2. How is it in terms of durability? 3. What is the diameter of the actual screen? (in cm) 4. Those black I assume are made of rubber, now tell me how are they attached to the metal? Thx in advance.

- Description corrected.

Jack (Nottingham) 23.05.2013

How do you adjust the strap? I've flipped it open and I want to move the pins to the holes further down. How do I do this?

- It is difficult to explain in words. I recommend to go to a watchmaker. He will help you - will show handling.

Jack (Belfast) 30.12.2012

I bought one and can't get it to start. How do you start the watch? How do you set the time?

- Watches can be adjusted by removing the inner part of the screen when you open the cover of the watch.

Tomáš 12.11.2012

Hello, much information on these watches do not, can you tell me more? They are men's sizes, waterproof, ETC?

- Yesterday you have ordered, we sent today, so I can not look at them. You will see the unpacking. If you did not fit, refer to the terms and conditions, or write to reklamace@metalshop.cz.

L.U 12.09.2011

health, it says here that the watch can be adjusted to various wrist and give it to some specific and 13.5 cm?

- They'll also set the wrist with a circumference of 13.5 cm.

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