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pants men DEAD THREADS (TT 1025)

Dimensions approx: Width Trousers bands: [S] - 40cm, [M] - 42 cm, [L] - 43 cm, [XL] - 47 cm, [XXL] - 48cm, LENGTH: [S] - 110cm, [M] - 112 cm, [L] - 112 cm, [XL] - 115 cm, [XXL] - 115 cm.


Show more of brand: DEAD THREADS
Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Tomáš (Suchý Důl) 11.08.2015

Hello, I would ask if they were not available pants with waist about 100-105 cm.

- Order size XXL. I think you had to climb into them. And if not, then the purchased goods can be exchanged or returned within 14 days after delivery, so you do not risk anything. ;-)

Ondra (Brno) 03.01.2014

Hello I wanted to ask how wide the belt loops? if there čtyřřadovej strap fits the need of piramidama as the sell thanks

- width of the belt loops is 12 cm.

David (Vyškov) 27.12.2013

Hello again when you have some in stock XXL thanks.

- Hello, January, at the latest in February 2014 :)

Michal (Liberec) 20.11.2013

Hello, I bought pants 22.10 2013, and already I unraveled his pocket and tore off the chains. During normal wear!! On the back of the concert here with them has not been. Pants are very nice and comfortable, but I am disappointed. How do I solve this? begin to unravel at other locations.

- Please send the goods back (as a valuable package) to the METALSHOP.CZ Ltd., Bystřice over Olší 174, Bystřice, 739 95 Include a copy of the invoice and in their own words drawn complaint letter.

metalegg 28.05.2013

48 cm waist width XXL? it is really a bit?

- Do not confuse the width of the circuit. The width is half the circumference.

kronos (Svidnik) 08.04.2013

These pants are paid? , could be worn even in cold weather, eg. the end of autumn?

- Towards the end of autumn would be put to wear.

Martin (Týn nad Vltavou) 20.01.2013

Hello, I want to ask how many cm have these pants in the waist size XXL.

- It's in the label.

root (Žamberk) 14.03.2012

When will you have size S

- Size S, we get so over the next few months, certainly not.

Kimi 04.01.2012

Damn those wonderful SOU urco'll go into them!!

Kowis (BRušperk) 18.04.2011

I want to ask if is .. those from the crotch pants so low .. seriously reminds me a bit pants hopersky

- The crotch is lower, but the guy in the photo has deliberately pulled his shirt to show the decorating. When you run the T-shirt, or you take that step will not seem so wide. But the truth is that they have ležernější cut.

Tomy (Kolín) 16.03.2011

when you see it on the xl, xxl

- It is uncertain whether the supplement. Maybe in a month or three.

Martin 20.02.2011

Hello, I ordered these pants and just in front of me bought the last one. When will again ordered size XL and XXL

- Once vendors will be offered, and we do not order, be sure to add it. Set the watchdog.

Mirek 18.02.2011

Da clearings data in them? yeah if so how big? ..

- Yes, you can. Ties have a width of 6.5 cm.

Vojta (Karviná) 22.10.2010

I would like to ask if it can be done in three-quarter pants?

- Yes, they can, there are zippers to unclip the bottom.

Hegeš 29.07.2010

here in the same position as my lada 105 in the waist would not be such a nake

- add at the end of August - currently the supplier does not have other sizes

Striker 17.07.2010

jjj exactly the same as him and at the hilt by the comfortable and good


bartrand (brno) 12.07.2010

The XL would not?

- end Ziri - momntálně suppliers are also out of stock

Riky 29.06.2010

Ty sou dense in the du


turbocartman (dubí) 29.06.2010

I swim like him in the picture? SOU so big?


Striker (Borovnice) 18.06.2010

Yeah super pants .. kindly recomend


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