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pants men DEAD THREADS (TT9294)

brand men's trousers DEAD threads. Material 100% cotton, metal accessories.

Facilities: two front, two rear and two side pockets, slit opening with button and zipper, metal accessories, zippers, bondage straps. Color: black, gray fabrics are sewn.

Size in cm approx



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Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h

Size chart

width length trouser leg width
S 40 106 32 - 37
M 42 106 32 - 37
L 45 106 32 - 37
XL 47 106 32 - 38
XXL 50 106 32 - 38
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Tory1988 (Rosston) 07.10.2012

Thank you for the great information! I would not have discovered this otherwise! good luck


barpintevlq (Birmingham) 25.09.2012

Everyone like this blog!Because it so good!


carpinteyroigl (Liverpool) 04.09.2012

Do you like here?So wonderful!

Martin (Stříbrnice) 16.05.2012

Hello, I would like to ask if you can use these pants belt, if so, what the max. width. Thank you for your answer.

- Band width can be up to 5.5 cm.

Daniel (Lučenec) 05.03.2012

From behind are all right but in front you odflakli it is seen that the program-colored paint because it is skewed and has any control themselves left out in the green space and the lower right pocket horribly stained

- In that case we neodflákli us, but the manufacturer. ;-) If you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim it.

Flizzen 30.12.2011

I wonder if I can get this green black but the rest :). exists on the color?

- we do not offer

Peter 27.12.2011

And the white around the front pockets is also purchased pants? or seems that it is attaching program.

- Really as they seem.

Peter 26.12.2011

Could you please write up descriptions for other size? thanks

- Write-up.

Ivan (Malacky) 19.12.2011

Hi, I need to know the dimensions of size XXL. There Pisane of the stock in the table but not to scale. Thank you for your reply.

- Soon the table will add.

Erik 19.12.2011

I want to ask if I was a size small or large, could be replaced?

- course - goods bought before Christmas we change to January 10, 2012

Polda 09.12.2011

Thanks for the answer =)


Polda 08.12.2011

Hello, I would like to ask if you have these pants in size M? Thank you for your answer.

- Are available, feel free to subscribe. We can immediately dispatch.

Misha 09.06.2011

Hello, I'm wondering ... just yesterday you were here Meli these pants just in a sand color ... today no longer: D: (you still have?

- Everything depends on the product - what, when and how much to offer. Set watchdog to mark Dead Threads.

georg 27.04.2011

I would like to ask if these kaltoty soon in stock in size L

- Let's see if they still offer. Just in case you activate watchdog to this size. Brand should be topped up generally in May / June.

Adern 26.01.2011

JJ are great, but it would dimensions. I hate the stuff, then go back: D

- Dimensions added in the table captions.

kulich (Teplice) 07.01.2011

Recovery of these are a bitch to have those pennies Esteem


barytka 08.12.2010

those are a bit much .... :-D


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