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color to hair STAR GAZER - UV Pink

Shiny purple

Stargazer hair color is easy to apply semi-permanent hair color with conditioner for direct use, without ammonia and peroxide.

Stargazer is the color of the hair, allowing you to reach shimmering and amazing result. S a wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from, each dyed hair to the desired effect. For exceptionally long hair, use two bottles of dye Stargazer. Contents: 70 ml

The product includes: manual, hair color (70 ml), gloves, shampoo (10 ml), stain remover (3 ml).

The color lasts up to max. 20x wash hair.


Show more of brand: STAR GAZER
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Mia (Matysová) 10.08.2014

Hello, grabbed me by the color and the brown hair? I do not discolour. This would be seen therefore, the tan? :)

- The brown hair that none of us tried it, so I do not know ... it certainly grabs, but how much paint will see, I do not know, you just have to try.

Pavlína (Olomouc) 26.07.2014

Hello I would like to ask if the color can smychat conditioner? I would like is a pastel pink :) I had used the directions and it worked thanks

- They do not in the instructions mention. Ask your hairdresser or a more experienced friend. ;-)

Lucie (Brno) 27.03.2014

Hello, the picture is UV Pink, but in the description of bright purple!?

- It's pink, but look at the picture. It's such a pinkish-skorofialová. :-) That's why I called this fellow too. But when you really odbarvíte hair (white), so it should be bright pink.

Me 29.03.2013

Hello, I would like to ask if in the near future will be that color in red? Thank you.

- In the near future, probably not, but certainly over time.

Nikoll Beth (Most) 29.03.2013

Hello, I wanted to ask if you do not know how it would look if it is not too brilliant now I have blue hair (blue lagoon from Directions) and I had a purple, pink etc but everything from directions I wanted to try out this color but blue scháním but nowhere do not have it you do not know where I found her please (no gel, just exactly this in blue) I would be very grateful, thank you in advance. :)

- Blue we had. Named the color of the hair Star Gazer - Colour Rinse - UV Turquoise - SGS110, but it's sold out. Over time, we might add. Surely even in the summer holidays, but tell you at this moment exactly.

Liv6 11.01.2013

Hi, will be in the foreseeable future and in the color white? :)

- Maybe in February / March, but it is not certain. Set the watchdog.

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