color (gel) to hair STAR GAZER - UV Pink

Color, hair gel, is applied with a brush (included), dyeing coarser strands
Easily-washable with shampoo and water

Color: Pink


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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Emice 29.06.2014

Color me absolutely not correct, I have blond hair and the color just washes away the first time ...

- Look at your label it is a gel, which is washed with water or shampoo the first time. It is well-washable - this is not a color

Ria 22.07.2013

It damages a lot of peroxide hair? And when you use once that I picked up some paint so after I have outgrown your shade I had or had not you?

- Peroxide damages the hair, but when the commandments, we will newly grow your own hair, which of course are not destroyed. It's like nails. When you break them, nibble, and ultimately destroy the commandments, we will grow further unspoiled nails. Although, if shown to be an allergic reaction, so it is again different. Ask for it rather a hairdresser. Colors are for us rather marginal goods. Insignificant in it as well as a hairdresser, who are interested only in hair.

Denisa 18.06.2013

How many wash will last?

- The label write: simply using shampoo or semi-permanent water. The manufacturer does not state how much they use. One of the plate more, another less ...

Lucia (Piešťany) 22.09.2012

I have dark brown hair, almost black .. like the color of them to see? peroxide because I do not want ..

- So it will definitely just some shade, but I'm not sure if you the black hair that color somehow knowable grabs. Maybe just grab hair pink tinge. Anyway, no peroxide expect pink. But do not dare to predict what will come out of it. Every hair is different.

Radka 07.02.2012

Soil the color seen on dark brown hair?

- Will be, but for better visibility earliest use peroxide.

Dominika (BA) 03.10.2011

It is a durable color or how much last?

- It's more shampoo than color. We added label.

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