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strap is made ​​of leather with a thickness of technical .: approx 3,5 cm, decorated with three rows pyramids.

dimensions exigencies of filming around .:


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for waistline
M 66 -87
L 83 - 100
XL 92 - 109
XXL 100 - 117
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Product reviews

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Lucie (Přerov) 14.12.2016

Hello, I would like to ask about the overall length of the strip to a size XL dekuji

- Hello to the last hole is a 110 cm, 115 cm overall.

Punky 03.03.2016

I bought a belt, and after three days I started wearing upadávat pyramid.

- Hello, it's annoying. :-( You strap complain. Complaints procedure: http://www.punkshop.cz/s/obchodni-podminky/

Baru (Lanškroun) 10.01.2016

hello, please, when you have size L? Thank you

- Hello, maybe in the spring. I suggest you set up a babysitting size L.

Angelika 23.11.2014

Hello, please how many total length of tape size XXL?

- Hello total tape length is 122 cm :)

Anna (Praha) 28.08.2014

What do I do if after the first day of wearing it I started upadavat those spikes ??? thanks for the reply

- You can tape claim: http://www.metalshop.cz/s/obchodni-podminky/

tomdom (Brno) 11.08.2014

Hello, when you have the stock size L? Thank you

- Maybe in the fall. Set your watch sold out sizes, please order or other tapes. Similar pyramid of three lines, we offer several. -) All such here: http://www.metalshop.cz/vyhledat/p%C3%A1sek%20PYRAMIDY%203/

Sochy (Letohrad) 03.08.2014

Hello What is the total size of the tape size M? thank you

- Hi there, so that the total size of the tape is 90 cm and the other is the circumference 65-87 cm.

Terka1289 (Mladá Boleslav) 29.10.2013

Hello, I want to ask how much is this strip "flexible". Thank you

- Enough. It's cool. :-)

Punker 11.07.2013

Hello, from what brand is it??

- It is not no brand

Pavel (Moravské Budějovice) 19.03.2013

Hello, I would like to ask if you ever have size XL. Thank you.

- ordered from a supplier - about 14 days

petr (kralupy) 26.02.2013

I have a tape of you and when I measure it as a 4 cm and the Pyramid 1.2's this?

- Rather, it will be this one: http://www.metalshop.cz/opasky/opasky-s-kovem/p/pasek-pyramidy-3-pas-095/

Ondra (Tovačov) 20.12.2012

Please when the size L in stock? Thank you.

- end of January 2013

Radka 04.12.2012

Hello, I would like to ask, what size is most useful when you need a tape length of 115 cm? Thank you


Skrillex (New York) 22.11.2012

It's waterproof?

- It is a technical skin. A little weird question ...

Alex (Opava ) 06.11.2012

Hello, I would like to .... asked how wide the strip? Recently, I had bought a similar one from your belt and getting in loops in my pants: D Would you consider not a good idea to also indicate the size, either does not occur a situation similar to mine :)

- Thickness is still listed in the label - 3.5 cm.

Dominik 04.11.2012

Hello I want to ask the pyramids are made of metal? Thanks :)

- Yes, they are made of metal.

Skittles 24.09.2012

I want to ask about the pyramids of how much quality to me how the minolého tape after half a year neodpadaly: P

- They are good, they should not be omitted.

Michal (Námestovo) 16.09.2012

I want to ask what is the difference between eco-skin leather and technical quality.

- Ekokůži is actually synthetic leather, which visually resembles the skin more than leatherette past years. Although attractive to look at, but still leatherette. Technical skin can have many forms - it can be cut (such as if the softer suede shoes on). I would say that the difference in quality there is almost none. More design ...

Mišule (Liberec) 04.06.2012

I was wondering if that size is given as well as a place where there are Piramide? or is it the size of the tape? :) thank you :)

- It is always the length from the buckle to the first and the last hole in the tape.

Tabitha 03.06.2012

I would like to ask about the size L

- Eventually we would like to add to it. Set the watchdog.

s (ba) 22.05.2012

I would like to ask whether there will be a size L, thanks

- Size L is on the menu - you can subscribe.

Gabinka (Praha) 01.05.2012

I want to ask when I have a waist (abdomen) 84 for me is therefore suitable size L thanks

- Yes.

Pretender (Brno) 29.03.2012

Hello, I want to ask if the tape is just one piece of artificial skin, or if you have more (for my existing tape two) wearing bonded layers.

- One, but fat.

PaTynka 12.12.2011

best band in the world <3 :)


Vraťa 13.09.2011

and there are also pyramids only 0.5 or greater? thanks a lot

- They centimeter.

Botan (Bratislava) 14.08.2011

When I got myself on the other side belt with numbers 85, will be good for me the size 71-88?

- Measure to look into the label, compare and select definitely the right size. This range is meant from the first to the last hole to buckle.

Kristína (Nitra) 09.08.2011

No super ... : (I have a 15th birthday and I wanted to birthday ... gah ...: (too bad ...


Kristína (Nitra) 07.08.2011

XL when you deliver?

- It should be after the summer holidays. Set the watchdog.

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