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bracelet skin STRAPS 4 - BWZ

leather bracelet with přezkovým opening - 7 positions. Material-kůže.Šířka bracelet: 11cm. For wrist approx. 18.5-25cm.


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Product reviews

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Andrea (Italy) 03.11.2016

The order is for a single bracelet or they would receive two? How long then from the wrist up, 11cm?

- Dear Customer, Thank you for your comment. Receive a bracelet only 11 cm high. Do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any further questions.

Luke (ostrava) 16.02.2016

Although it referred wrist but does not specify how much overall length .. Thus, a length from the wrist to the forearm?

- Hi Luke, it is the width of the bracelet and that the label is specified - 11 cm.

Nyko (Praha) 19.05.2014

It is a genuine leather or nikolivěk? Thank you N

- It's leather, not a right.

David Pokorný (Kolín) 12.08.2012

I would like to ask, what is the length of this bracelet?

- For wrist circumference of approx. 18.5 - 25 cm.

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