leather boots - KMM

10-pinhole KMM shoes made of genuine leather coated with paint in various shades. Composition: leather, metal.

Color: black, red.

The total height of about shoes .: 24 cm.

In a tip of the shoe is a metal stiffener (finger protection).


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Product reviews

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Peťo (Bratislava) 04.06.2020

Good I want to ask what is the size of the shoe with the size of the insole 28.5 cm

- Hello, thank you for your question. - size 43 - 28 cm - size 44 - 29 cm

Peťo (Bratislava) 03.06.2020

Okay, I want to ask what is the size of a shoe at size 44 in centimeters

- Hello, thank you for your question. Length The insole at size 44 is 29 cm.

Markéta 18.03.2015

I asked about the size of the inner soles size 37?

- 24 cm.

miro (Bratislava) 12.01.2015

Shoes I have, do you just need to be trampled :) that was also praise for trouble dealing in exchange for a different size. S METAL I have not always satisfied in terms of delivery and your communications, keeping my fingers crossed continue. Miro


Klára 13.08.2013

Can I ask for other label that you are the type of shoes Glade and here's the label you have? It is therefore the Glade or not?

- They are, of course, GLAD, too. :-)

michal 22.06.2013

Suitable for summer and for winter?? Thank you for your reply

- They are leather shoes, so you can wear all year round, but in winter it is better to put on warmer socks :-)

danne (hronov) 02.04.2013

Hey guys i want to ask about the size 50 of these shoes I have unfortunately much of a leg: D

- Size 50 is not produced, sorry.

Punker 27.12.2012

Hey guys what do I delete these shoes when I want to \ me not burst??? I still degreasing INDULONA so if I can do?? thanks for the reply Punker

- Buy toothpaste instead of leather footwear (globin).

Jirka 30.09.2012

Good day when you have a shoe size 44 thank you

- They are on the menu. You can order.

David (Varnsdorf) 02.07.2012

I would like to commend your shop for fast and smooth execution of "claims" I chose the wrong size shoes even though my shoes were replaced. Third working day after dispatch shoes I had at home. :) :)

- thank you :-)

David (Varnsdorf) 15.06.2012

Thank you and I would like to ask if you would not even be as high as the soles have these. - Http://

- The answer is very simple. We have everything you provide for order on our website. If you do not find anything there, it can not order from us.

David (Varnsdorf) 14.06.2012

Thus the insert is about 28.5 cm.

- I recommend size 44th

David (Varnsdorf) 14.06.2012

So even on the sole of nothing. I can not somehow be measured?

- Measure the inner lining shoes and send data in cm on

David (Varnsdorf) 13.06.2012

Hello I am older and would like Steely KMM these in the same size. As for those Steely know what is that number? If there was so wiped.

- look at the soles - there should also be

Fanda (Strakonice) 17.02.2012

Please if you obědnam those shoes and I will come ajsou me how small it is with complaints?

- Complaints procedure here: - otherwise write to and get a more detailed answer.

Kata (Liptovský Mikuláš) 31.07.2011

juuuj beautiful :) and can be purchased in person? so I tried them and then :)

- I personally can only buy and try in our physical store, which is in Třinec

katka (Rumburk) 26.06.2011

exactly these boots wishes terribly long are simply amazing and I think the zipper is only skazil. just have a sponsor so are mine and now


Kana (Bratislava) 18.06.2011

The description states that in these shoes should somewhere zipper in the picture is not how is it? Thank you for your answer :)

- Zip is not there, fellow labels about forming a mistake. ;-)

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