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shoes KMM 10dírkové - Black


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shoes KMM 10dírkové - Black

KMM brand 10-hole shoes made of genuine leather coated with paint. Composition: leather, metal.

Black colour.

Total height of the shoes approx .: 24 cm.

There is a metal reinforcement in the toe of the shoe (finger protection).


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EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Oli 13. 2. 2020 20:31:53

Hello, what is the length of the insole in size 41, I have a foot length of 26.5 cm

- Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. Length insole size 41 is 27 cm.

Maximilian (Aham) 26. 1. 2020 19:00:19

Hello, I have been requesting size 42 for a week and have not received any feedback. Will the shoes with the size 42 be available again? If so, I would be happy if I could find out when they are available again.

- Hello, unfortunately no, new sizes were put into storage at the beginning of January 2020, size 42 was immediately sold out.

Georgij (Monterey) 15. 8. 2019 06:04:45

US size 9, UK size 8 what would you suggest? Thanks!

- Hello, Thank you for your question. I would recommend size 42.

Bogdan 3. 4. 2019 09:22:51

For size 52 which is the length correspondence in cm? thank you.

- Hello! Size 52 measures 34 cm

VK. (Bolatice) 8. 1. 2019 21:33:20

Hello. I wanted to ask if the 10dir KMM boots have a less bent peak than the 10dir STEEL boots. Which are lighter.

- Hello, thank you for your inquiry. As you type, the KMM boots have less curved toe. Vah's shoes are ashes. Both have metal tip.

Adéla 17. 3. 2018 09:41:50

Hello. As I have already learned, this brand is from Poland. However, I wanted to ask if you know from which farms the leather is used to produce these shoes. Thank you for answer.

- Hello Adélo, unfortunately, this information is not mentioned by the manufacturer.

Jakub (Kolin) 7. 6. 2017 14:40:04

Good day, the length of my foot is 26 cm what do I choose?

- Hello Jakub, in your case I would reach 41.

František 28. 2. 2017 19:30:06

Good day, about eight years ago the last time I wore boots KMM and I want to ask whether they are all the same shape? BeDovod I have a high instep get into his boots STEEL due to raised špiččce. It would be suitable for me KMM? Thank you

- Hello Francis, the technology is still the same, it should be business as usual :-) Have a nice day. Michael

Kateřina 4. 12. 2016 19:03:57

Hello, are these shoes comfortable? It does not hurt them after každodením wearing leg?

- Hello Catherine, it's so. "Boots", the legs of which they can hurt at the start of wear in some places than soften and break with. Then I did not see a problem, there is great interest.

Kmm 10. 10. 2016 14:31:36

Hello, if I have a foot size 24,5 cm, size should I order? thank you :)

- Hello, in this case, I chose the size of the 38th

Jindra 29. 3. 2016 22:49:30

Hello, I am already the third 10dírkové KMM and it seems to me that their quality deteriorates. Maybe it was just coincidence, therefore, I would like to ask if you've noticed an increase in complaints of those shoes in the last few years or if you have any experience and any recommendations to other brands ?? Thank you.

- Hello, complaints boots KMM but sometimes they are not, we have not seen a rise in complaints. I think it was just a coincidence. But you can also try other brands of leather shoes :) offer them quite a bit let Dr. Martens, Nevermind, New rock .... :)

Matej (Zrnčík) 10. 1. 2016 16:46:51

I need to know whether these shoes from zippers

- There is zip.

Tom Lassenberger (Berlin) 17. 9. 2015 01:58:37

Is it possible the total reconstruction of shoes? How much is the postage to Germany? That

- A total renovation please speak with an experienced cobbler. We are not manufacturers. Shoes can be sent to Germany. Please order them through our Metalshop partner sites:

Filip 19. 2. 2015 16:31:56

Hello, it seems to me, or those little bot přečuhuje language? neuvedeno that I mind. Thank you.

- Hello, yes tongue slightly přečuhuje. :)

Kaja (Košice) 18. 2. 2015 19:26:17

Hello, how much you have in stock items from the number 39?

- Hello, we have 4 in stock in sizes 39 pieces so you can easily subscribe :)

Goth 6. 11. 2014 16:18:25

Shoes are suitable for winter ??? They are like canada, so they should not Beit ???

- It's not right winter footwear, but a lot of people in winter wear. Shoes are solid and in winter can be worn.

KLOP 31. 10. 2014 19:22:01

Interestingly, fak Very contradictory !!!!!!!!!!! TI BEFORE ANYONE TO YOU THAT WHAT pital those cabins and Your answer: Lukas (Bardejov) healthy I would like to ask if sroby the outsoles are just there for decoration or has any importance? romanw have meaning - is affixed them sole shoes SO NOW IS AKA PRAUD?

- Today, I am convinced that the screws really fulfills this role. I was wrong earlier. I'm sorry.

klop 31. 10. 2014 12:28:06

There are those šruby why?

- Decorations shoes. Do not meet any other function.

Tomáš (Litovel) 20. 10. 2014 21:34:03

Hello see in the comment. Below I wrote the wrong length of your feet. The length of my foot is 26 cm rest of the text is valid. I apologize and thank you for your answer PS table of sizes can not find on your site

- I recommend size 40th

klop 14. 9. 2014 17:57:27

please down on the sole is too metal label but Polisky page is a rubber and even why it pays to please buy me them because it is said of KMM already carried it as the former, and I do not want to buy a piece of junk with cini such as steel

- Steel are a quality shoes, but what a man's opinion. Labels are made of different materials, but mostly metal. The rubber we met at KMM.

Punky (Debrecen) 15. 8. 2014 14:11:36

The nose is a part of steel cord?

- Yes, the toe portion of steel cord.

Kizi (Michalovce) 18. 1. 2014 00:14:23

If I have a number of trainers is 40 what size should I take?

- Please Rozklikněte in the product table size, there are measures in cm for each size :)

lallaalla 13. 1. 2014 21:13:24

My previous shoes were GRINDERS number 42 What size do you recommend for me that's?

- Select a size 42 too

xefgokľ 8. 1. 2014 21:32:45

My previous shoes were grinders ... I would therefore ask whether there is any difference in the width or what is different in shaping? ... thank you

- They are visually different, but I do not have such a rich supply me with poetic embarked on a comparison of geometric shapes, fibers, chemical analysis of materials, etc. :-) layman: Grinders me seem larger, more cumbersome - but it's just a feeling. However, personally I have no experience with shoes Steel. KMM or Grinders I did not have legs, so you can not help in this. Qualitatively, however, are the same class, so you should KMM also Pochvalov. 8-)

Roman (Bratislava) 3. 1. 2014 02:24:16

I took 48ky and sit on my ass as Serbo ... Thanks a lot :)


jackki 10. 11. 2013 20:12:08

I have a foot in length about 28 cm (measured on fast rule) I buy primo 43 or 44?

- Select a size 43

Petr 9. 11. 2013 11:28:08

How is it thinking, coated with paint in various shades?

- There was an error. Thanks for the warning. The shades are there any writing not because shoes are black. I've corrected the caption.

Dominika 15. 10. 2013 18:22:00

Where do I sign up, I wanted to zip?

- Do note the order (step 4).

Dominika (Liberecký kraj) 8. 10. 2013 17:54:26

Hello, Can i order a 10-eyelet shoes with zipper, or only 14 and you know?

- They can be ordered with a zipper, but count on a longer delivery time about 30 days.

Tomáš (Stochov) 4. 6. 2013 16:27:06

Hello i want to ask what is your shoe size 41-42 in front of reinforcement where the seam? Thank you

- And what do I measure the width of the seam where the ends of the metal tip?

Korki 29. 4. 2013 16:35:01

Hello soles are made of rubber or rubber?

- Rubber.

Danny 27. 4. 2013 09:15:01

Hello I bought them and povirostla by me or by my leg were you could replace it?

- Products can be legally exchanged or returned within 14 days from the receipt of shipment.

TomPaul (Bratislava) 10. 4. 2013 19:06:44

Hello, aka shoe width is at the point where the goat's scrapbook at the tip of the bote? with size 48 ..

- Size 48 is sold out, so it will not measure, sorry.

Tereza (Chrudim) 20. 10. 2012 15:21:06

Hello, when my foot measures 23 cm, what it is the number of shoes? Thank you

- Try smallest size 36th

Cyril (Nové Zámky) 13. 9. 2012 08:32:52

What do you think are better or KMM STEEL as quality when they compare?

- Both brands of equal quality.

Lukas (brno) 27. 8. 2012 12:28:05

Hello I have a big leg 28cm, what size should I order? Thank you for your answer.

- Size 43rd

erik (bratislava) 26. 7. 2012 11:56:27

is there really a zipper? because the photo I do not see it anywhere ...

- No, in this model zip nowhere. Thank you for the warning, fix the label.

metal17 13. 7. 2012 13:04:15

Hi I was drunk when I got size 25 cm foot what size shoe do you recommend

- Size 39th

sov.a (Brno) 27. 5. 2012 14:26:35

Hello, I wanted to ask, when I ordered my shoes 25.5, where I expect. They caught me milk in 1.6? Thanks

- Today we dispatched shoes - tomorrow will come.

Delilah (Košice) 8. 5. 2012 18:35:10

good, I would like to ask what is the difference between these shoes and the Steel 10dierkovými black? Oo

- Another design. Maybe even a different composition of the materials, but manufacturers do not. To the touch and to the eye there are differences in severity - me personally, it seems that KMM is more robust, but not by much. Also, the curvature is at the sole Steel toe up a little more, but it's not a case of each pair.

venca (Zbraslav) 19. 4. 2012 19:55:08

I would ask if I have feet of length, 29 cm what is the number?

- 44

Šimon (Uherský Brod) 3. 3. 2012 13:17:42

Hello, I would like to request you, my shoe size tracing on paper is 32 what size should I order? Thank you

- 32 what? The European dimension of 32 or 32 cm? Write on, please.

Miška (Košice) 8. 2. 2012 19:15:07

When I have size 39 feet so I have to order 39?

- Yes.

lenka (Košice) 8. 2. 2012 19:08:40

If my shoe size 38-39 so what size should I order them?

- Rather 39th

memory9912 (Protivín) 20. 1. 2012 22:12:42

When my leg is 27 cm, what is it please size

- Size 41st

memory9912 (Protivín) 16. 1. 2012 13:51:42

To me for two years were still


memory9912 (Protivín) 15. 1. 2012 12:13:13

I would like to ask if I have a size 42 so I have to order one or two sizes larger.

- Order 42nd

wladas47 (Malacky) 13. 1. 2012 15:44:28

I thought the front sole ridges 3.5 cm

- You'd have to choose a different type, this one has only 2.5 cm.

wladas47 (Malacky) 9. 1. 2012 17:52:26

So they can order from 3.5 not possible??

- 3.5? Here are a European size.

wladas47 (Malacky) 6. 1. 2012 21:10:31

and I would like to know more or are only available from the sole as the photo (2.5 cm) or even from the most Viso 3cm.

- Have a thickness of 2.5 cm at the front sole.

wladas47 (Malacky) 5. 1. 2012 15:54:34

Hello I would like to Spiti or the soles glued or zošrubovana

- both

Domino (žilina) 17. 12. 2011 13:29:01

Hello, I want to ask what is the total height from the soles of shoes to the top?

- 24 - 25.5 cm - from the smallest to the largest number.

Henry 30. 11. 2011 22:41:12

Please have some steel, but it's a size 11, according to other numbers are a bit small to me, so I would need about 12, according to the numbers you mentioned how much? thank you :))

- If you have ordered from us these shoes, you had to pick our own, ie a European size. If you need more, so the reflection from the original size. Otherwise twelve size should be 47, the biggest.

Noro (Bratislava) 19. 11. 2011 13:49:14

I want to ask if they have steel toes?

- have

Carol (Praha) 19. 11. 2011 00:24:53

When you order on December 24 when I had them at home? :) (Here from Prague)

- Around the holidays.

Lady Kraken 6. 11. 2011 18:53:57

these shoes are wider than Steel?

- They are shaped a little differently, so one would answer YES.

Regn (Bratislava) 23. 10. 2011 14:15:03

What size do I need for foot length approx 23.5 to 24 cm? Thank you

- 37 short

Ferfec 5. 9. 2011 22:02:59

Hello, I wanted to ask if you can return the shoes when I will be small. I have a size 48, but each shoe is a bit different, and more to do :-( Thank you

- Purchased goods can be exchanged under the Act or returned within 14 days of receipt of the goods (for SK customer pays a 7-day period).

Samo (Poprad) 7. 8. 2011 19:54:30

Are these shoes suitable for all weather??

- Yes, but it's not winter boots, so if you it cracked at the North Pole at -50 ° C, so do not make the claim. :-D Otherwise, you should last spring - autumn. In the winter, we do not recommend, but just 80% of people wear in the winter and are satisfied. ;-)

Zdeněk (Znojmo) 25. 5. 2011 23:10:57

Should I question where are the shoes vyáběné?

- In Poland.

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