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shoes KMM 14dírkové - Black


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shoes KMM 14dírkové - Black

14-hole boots by KMM made of genuine leather coated in different shades. The shoes have a zipper on the inside for easier putting on the shoes. Composition: leather, paint, metal, zipper.

Black colour.

There is a metal reinforcement in the toe of the shoe (finger protection).


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EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

1 customers
Emilia Lehtimäki 22. 6. 2017 01:03:08

Absolutely perfect fit to my feet! I haven't found comfortable combat boots before these. looks like good quality too. I recommed! (Also comes with extra laces.)



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Eva (Ostrava) 12. 3. 2021 10:20:18

A good diary is considering buying, but I have a very strong calf. What is the maximum width at the top so that there is no gap between the tongue of the shoe and those edges with holes (ie the inner circumference from the 14th hole on the left to the 14th hole on the right + the width of the tongue at that height)? Size 40. And please ask the inner height, let me know what height of the calf to measure. Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

- Hello, thank you for your question! We tried to measure according to your requirements and the dimensions are as follows: from the left 14 holes to the right - 27 cm width of the tongue: 11 cm height from the heel to the 14th hole - 27 cm

Ksenija (LIJEVO SREDIČKO) 1. 10. 2019 19:21:41

Otherwise I wear a no. shoe 43, I wonder if I will be big enough or order larger if the mold is smaller

- Hello, the length of the inner tread 43 is 28 cm.

Manon (France) 17. 3. 2018 12:00:28

Hello, I would like to know the height in size 41

- Hello, the height is 34 centimeters (sole included).

Josef Harrer (Havířov-Šumbark) 30. 9. 2017 09:25:52

Hello. What is a shoe size of 38? Thank you for answer.

- Hello, height is 31cm.

Jana (Poprad) 4. 5. 2017 06:48:20

Hello I would like to ask what is the length walked (cm) in size 38 or 39. Thank you for your response

- Hello Jano, length Insoles at KMM is size 38 - 25cm, size 39 25,5cm.

maria 16. 4. 2017 19:17:41

hello, how big is size 37 and 38 in cm?

- How big? What is "big"? The length of insole or boots height?

Martin (Košice) 17. 12. 2016 20:33:52

Hey, what size should I buy if I have a foot size 27 cm?

- Hello, this length should match the size. 41. Have a nice day.

Jan (Olomouc) 6. 12. 2016 14:31:40

Hi I wonder if it is an original or a replica? thanks :)

- Hello, this is an original KMM :-)

Jessi (Konz) 24. 2. 2016 09:54:44

Are the boots without steel toe ?? What size should I order if I have 42 ?? Thanks LG Jessi

- The boots have steel toecaps, the insole is in the size EU42 - 27.5 cm long.

Hana (Přerov) 8. 11. 2015 20:21:22

It is possible to exchange in poorly chosen size?

- The exchange is possible. For more information on business conditions:

Rumler (Neratovice) 1. 10. 2015 12:44:01

Hello, I'm probably a stupid question, but I do not like shoes with no experience. neuvedeno in these shoes during the colder winter weather ?? I needed to just neprochladly. Thank you for answer

- In winter, when frost and stationary for longer periods outdoors, so they can get cold steel toe and then you chilly fingers. But otherwise there are plenty of people wear in winter. ;-)

Tom Lassenberger (Stuttgart) 17. 9. 2015 02:01:09

boots? How much is the postage to Germany? That

- Prices:

Ali (Zavada) 7. 3. 2015 19:46:23

Hello Should I zaujemno 40 area, the internal length is 26 cm? The height of a shoe as writes in a debate together spodrazkou 34 cm? ORIENTACNA hesitating? su very sparingly? Vopred very nice dakujem mala I would also seeking with a zip vdaka Ali

- Internal length is 26.5 cm. The height of a shoe as he writes in the discussion together spodrazkou 34 cm. Niese very sparingly. They are made only with a zipper.

Kao 6. 11. 2014 19:07:15

Hello, you write in the description that the surface of the shoe is covered with skin color. No risk of the combination may crack after a short period of wear? They can be impregnated shoes as well as classic leather? Thank you.

- There is no cracking. Shoes behave like any other footwear. Can impregnate. I recommend one of these trap:

Spart (Annemasse) 3. 8. 2014 16:19:57

Hello, these shoes are toed it? Thank you.

- Indeed, the shoes are toed with a lining Metal. Best regards

satyr 2. 3. 2014 13:41:15

Please have these boots without zipper? thank you

- Unfortunately we do not, but they are going to order (Lead Time 30 days). How to do it? Order your size in this email and notes (step 4 in order) Type: Please send boots without zipper.

satyr (kosice) 25. 1. 2014 16:00:33

Hello you know send me these shoes without zipper? Thank you

- Yes, we can custom have made. Delivery time 30 days. If you decide to subscribe, write notes (please a couple without zipper - a longer delivery time, I was informed).

x 20. 11. 2013 21:48:01

Hello, bot above dimensions are the dimensions of inserts? thank you :)

- Rather, it is recommended length legs as inserts, according to the dimensions of each size of 0.5 cm longer.

Lucka 10. 11. 2013 21:57:12

Hi, can I ask about the height of the sole under the heel in size 38? thanks a lot :)

- The height is 3.3 cm

Alžba 10. 11. 2013 10:22:25

Hello, you please to Christmas doobědnávat size 39?

- They lack size-doobjednáváme regularly about what 14 days.

Ahoj 10. 10. 2013 14:33:31

Hello, How long would for me came when I wanted to order with zipper and for how long without a zipper?

- zippered we have in stock, without zipper waiting time approx 30 days

Eliška 7. 10. 2013 15:21:06

Hello, may I ask, what is the circumference of the top of the size 39? Thank you :)

- Size 39 to date there is.

Dominika 8. 9. 2013 11:33:51

Good day. What is the total height boots with soles? Thank you for your reply :)

- Height bot total is 34 cm.

b 11. 2. 2013 17:04:00

I would like to ask, if I am a little "gnawed" or so would be released after rozchodeni, or would I have to replace a larger

- Loose and fitting feet. Unused merchandise can also be replaced or returned.

l 13. 1. 2013 21:07:35

in how many days I would come home shoes?

- Sin two days after ordering.

Lucinka (Slovensko) 5. 12. 2012 18:31:19

These shoes in size and mate :) :) 37:38

- yes - they are in stock for immediate shipment

Domča 3. 12. 2012 19:02:02

Please, will size 40?

- certainly - recommend - register a watchdog for this size

Kissačka (Karlovy Vary) 29. 11. 2012 20:49:47

Can I ask how high?

- The smallest size 37 has a height of 30.5 cm, the largest size of 47 to 33 cm.

Richard (Dolna Lehota) 14. 11. 2012 20:58:51

Please shoes are superior to Phure Thrash boots? ?

- Phure Thrash boots do not know, so I can not serve. Anyway, the KMM and approved quality shoes, worn by many satisfied customers.

Danýs (Košice) 20. 7. 2012 21:33:12

The composition is made of metal, so I want to ask whether the metal on top or somewhere else

- Yes, the metal tip.

riso 15. 12. 2011 17:30:14

I want to SPIT if I ordered them could you send my boots without zipper?

- Yes - delivery approx 14 days from order - to write the note that sei want without zipper

xxx (Bratislava) 28. 4. 2011 17:39:32

I ordered these shoes, but on the inside they have no zipper as stated in the description and even in the picture, I would like to know how this is possible, and if not zip all the pieces?

- On the contrary, all with zip. Perhaps you got into the hands of the other pair. Marking on the box is correct? If you ask for an exchange / claim, please contact the

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