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shoes KMM 14dírkové - Black

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shoes KMM 14dírkové - Black


Quality 14-hole boots from KMM are made of genuine leather. The shoes have a metal toe and a quality stitched sole. On the inside there is a zipper, which makes it easier to put on the shoe

The attractive look of these shoes is enhanced by additional accessories - removable straps.

The shoes are black. Their total height is 32 cm.




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Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h
EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Can (Istanbul) 24. 12. 2020 15:07:32

And also if i but 37 and if its a bit big can i refund the shoe with the whole price including the shipment price as well because i will be paying 33 euros for the shipment to Istanbul i think ! Thanks:)

- Hello, thank you for your question. does not cover the expenses for the return of the goods.

Can (Istanbul) 23. 12. 2020 19:34:24

Hello I was wondering if you guys shipped to istanbul, Turkey if its a possibility how long does it take to arrive? And also i normally wear size 36 but i do have some shoes that are in size 37 do you guys think these boots in size 37 would be too big and heavy? And also if i wait for size 36 to be back in stock would the height of the shoe without the sole Be still 27cm tall? Thank you:)

- Hello, thank you for interest in shopping with us. We do ship to Turkey, the cost of shipping for regular parcel is 46.50 € and it takes about 10-12 days. We could offer cheaper delivery. But we would need a list of products and a full address to calculate. Could you send email to You can find the shipping conditions under "Other country" in the table​: >>> Take into account, that shipping costs may vary depending on location you are ordering from and weight of the package. Final amount depends on decision of the trasport company. In case of shipping out of EU, the prices are deducted from VAT, however you customs might require you to pay in your country and in case of return, customer is charged for all related costs. In case you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us. Have a nice day!

Can (Istanbul) 22. 12. 2020 19:47:55

Hello i want to buy size 37 but i was wondering whats the total height of the shoes when you deduct the soles? Like without the soles thanks:)

- Hello, thank you for your question. The total height of the boots in size 37 when I deduct the soles is 27 cm.

Alyssa (London) 11. 12. 2020 22:50:58

Thanks! Then how much does the size 36 weight?

- Hello, the weight of the size 36 is 2,5 kg.

Alyssa (London) 10. 12. 2020 19:07:16

Hello would you guys restock size 36 anytime soon?:) thanks

- Hello, Thank you for your question. We tried to restock the most items before christmas. We will not restock anytime soon. New orders will be placed in the new year.

Ceren Alyssa (London) 24. 7. 2020 22:57:38

Hello İm 156 cm and i wear shoes that are in total hight 30 cm and they look good, İ i was wondering if these shoes are really in total including the sole and platform 32cm or are they taller than 32? Thnx !!

- Hello, Thank you for your question. I measured size 41. Those boots are 34 cm high. But from the ground. When I deduct the sole, the height will be 30-31 cm.

cristhian (México ) 15. 3. 2023 01:57:58

I'm about to buy this pair of boots, I finally made up my mind, but I'm still undecided, since my foot measures almost 25.7 +/- cm approximately, I would have to order 41 so that it doesn't hurt me or ask for 40, since I think it will fit me It would be very fair if I ask for 40. Thank you

- Hi, christian! Ideally, you should buy a size 41, to avoid any inconvenience. If that size is too big for you, you always have 14 days after receiving the order to make a change. Greetings!

Nikola (Praha) 5. 12. 2020 09:28:58

I have a question about how wide the shoes are and whether they can be tightened normally with those laces and a belt at the top. Thank you for answer.

- Hello, thank you for your question. Each size is a little different. The larger the size, the wider. We will not measure the width inside. It is impossible to get both hands with the meter when the shoes are 14 holes high. But the width always allows. The shoes always step on the required width. Almost no one has a problem with width. Tightening with straps and laces is a matter of course. Everything works. ;-) Nice day! :-)

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