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leather boots - KMM

14-pinhole KMM shoes made of genuine leather-covered skin color technical in different shades. Shoes are on the inner side zipper for easy put on shoes, and are decorated with three straps. Material: leather, paint, metal zipper.

Color: Black.

The total height of about shoes.: 32cm.


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EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Jason (Northampton) 27.07.2021

Hiya, please advise whether you have began exporting to the UK again.

- Hello Jason! Yes, we still ship to UK.

Алекс (Красногорск) 28.04.2021

Доброго времени суток! я бы хотел обратиться к производителю и попросить сделать именно эту модель в место черного! красно-черного цвета как в других моделях Кмм ! Я готов приобрести

- Данное сообщение будет перенаправлено напрямую производителю товара. В случае, если мы получим положительный ответ мы с Вами свяжемся.

Алекс (Красногорск) 26.04.2021

Блиинн класс! а есть цвета бургунди????

- К сожалению, весь доступный и существующий товар представлен на нашем сайте. Мы не продаём товары "Под заказ".

Jason (Northampton) 13.01.2021

Hi, please advise if you are experiencing difficulties shipping to the UK since Jan 2021 Brexit changes. Have had my eye on these boots for ages and am ready to order. Thank you

- Hello, Thank you for your question. Delivery companies are not able to deliver packages because of the current situation in your country. Will be able to send once we know which delivery company will be able to deliver. We will do our best to send those packages as soon as possible.

Stefanija (Riga) 29.11.2019

Hi. What is the right size for 23,5 cm feet?

- Hello, Thank you for your question. I would reccomend the size 37.

Nekros (Barletta ) 03.09.2018

Which number corresponds To 30 cm of foot? And for My girlffriend 26cm? thankssss

- To the foots is not accurate. Could you send the lengths of the insoles?

Craig (Edinburgh) 07.02.2017

I really love these boots and want to buy them, but they don't seem to be available in size 42. Is there a reason for this?!

- We would like to added sold out sizes. I recommend to set the monitoring of size 42 directly on the product webpage.

eva 22.11.2014

hello can you tell me the internal lenght of the size 37? thanks a lot!

- 24 cm.

Tom (Praha) 14.08.2014

Hello, just a quick question, how high are these shoes sole? Thanks

- 3 cm.

M 13.08.2014

Hello, the prices are the same as in store on the internet? Thanks

- Yes, the store are the same prices as on the internet :)

Sky (Berlin) 04.07.2014

How thick is the sole of the boots?

- 3 cm.

Sky (Berlin) 04.07.2014

Do the boots have a steel toe?

- yes, the boots have a steel toe cap

lukáš (Ostrva!!!) 22.05.2014

Hello I wanted to ask these shoes can do without the bottom buckle?

- Maybe we could arrange to order, but we demanded payment in advance and in any case the return of goods back.

Alča (Cheb) 30.01.2014

It would be possible to make these shoes custom variant 20dírek? :)

- Unfortunately not: (

Jule (Dresden) 30.08.2013

If these boots one size smaller or larger? My shoe size is normally 40 For example: In New Rock I also have the size 40 Are the boots KMM comparable?

- KMM boots are comparable.

Jana (Xixon) 30.08.2013

Hello, i'd like to ask what is the right size for 24 cm feet. I guess 37 but not sure for this brand. Many thanks!

- 37 too.

Zuzana (Místek) 09.04.2013

Hello I wanted to ask here is if those shoes are year-round? And if one is not in the winter cold? Thanks for the answer

- They are perennial, but it's not winter boots, although these people go in winter. They have a steel toe. If he was very very cold and frozen by due to the long stay in the cold, it could very cold. But if you need to get in the winter only to the bus stop or in the motorcycle, you go and do not motorcyclee, and especially when there is not much frost, so you can walk in them without any problems. I repeat: it's not winter boots so they do not slip resistant sole.

Lukas 25.12.2012

Hello I bought these shoes and really pushes the instep to begin shoelace but toe and heel are fine. Will it stretch as napínákama or will need a larger number thanks

- I think we've had this telephone conversation. If not, send a query to reklamace@metalshop.cz, please.

wladas47 (Malacky) 05.01.2012

Hello I would like to Spiti and is produced without the zipper and buckle Pete?? How much is a sole? thank you

- only in this embodiment

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