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leather boots - KMM

6,12 and 18-pinhole KMM shoes made of genuine leather. Composition: leather, rubber, metal zippers.

Color: Black.

Shoe goes with quality zippers divided into three lengths.
The smallest is 6-pinhole shoes with a height of approx.: 17 cm, then after attaching additional stocking with zipper shoe height approx.: 29 cm and has 12dírek is highest 18dírkama shoes with a height of about 43 cm .:.


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EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

2 customers
Jason 14. 04. 2021

I love these boots!
I have had my other current pair of boots for like 10 years.They are Demonia 3 buckle Gravel boots.Those boots were my favorite boots I had ever got.I didn’t want to have to get new ones,but they were very worn out.

I got these KMM zipper boots,hoping they could replace my favorite pair of Demonia Gravel 3 buckle boots.
I wasn’t let down.Thes KMM boots are super cool.I love that I can switch between three styles of boots.But even if I just chose one of the options,they would still be rad.These boots are well made.The steel toe feels secure,and hardcore.I only wear steel toe boots.I have worn non steel toe boots years ago,but I never felt very comfortable wearing them.I prefer a secure toe,that feels like theee is no steel toe there.These fit the bill.
I am so glad to have found these.Now I can move on from my search for a replacement for my old faves.It’s always hard to replace your favorite pair,but I have,and I love them!!!
Thanks so much.

ubermensch 17. 10. 2017

I own this boots from more or less 3 years
I wear almost every day, and for the live acts with my band, and DJ sets i am involved...and they still are beautiful

I will buy another pair, identical, when these will die

-no need for break-in:they re confortable right out of the box
-monster sole: a little higher than a normal pair of rangers, will last longer
-3 zips: you can wear these boots the way you prefer

-they are steel toed, and so under the metal cap they are "plushy". it makes the foot fingers more confortable, but warmer too, and in spring and summer they are quite hard to wear



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Justina Lusaitė (Vilnius) 07.09.2021

I got these boots, they are perfect size, but right shoe in the right side where two pieces of leather are sewed, painfully presses. Is it going to adjust to my feet?

- Hello, thank you for your question. It should adjust to your feet. I recommend two pairs of socks to start with. Have a nice day! :-)

Dinu Rebeca (Craiova) 29.10.2020

Cat de inalta e talpa bocancului?

- Partea frontală are 3 cm, iar cea din spate 4 cm. Dacă mai aveți întrebări, ne găsiți pe store@metal-shop.ro. Mulțumim de interes!

Dinu Rebeca (Craiova) 29.10.2020

Bună ziua, dacă talpa piciorului este de 27 de cm ce marime sa aleg?

- Pentru 27 de cm trebuie să cumpărați mărimea 41. Mulțumim de interes!

Alina (Pitesti) 12.08.2019

22.5 cm. Size 36 or 37?

- The size 36 is 23.5 cm. If you have any further questions, please write to us at store@metal-shop.ro.

Lovro (Varaždin) 14.11.2018

Do these shoes have a metal cap?

- Yes, these shoes have a metal cap.

Fanni (Budapest) 07.12.2017

Hi! How big is it? the calf circumference? thank you in advance thank you!

- Hello! Because this is a corset boots, so we can not say it exactly. In principle, there is no problem at 45 cents. It also has a broader rod. Pull as much or loosen the corset as it is good.

Jean-Baptiste (Montpellier) 14.06.2017

I was going to buy them but the price of my basket has changed, they went from 99 to 119euro like that and I almost ordered when it is practically 20 euro difference with the original price I do not find it very correct

- Hello Jean-Baptiste, It's pretty strange. I think the first price displayed did not include taxes (postage, VAT), possibly because your browser did not understand that you were in France (perhaps a history of cookies in your browser?). In any case, we apologize for this unpleasant "surprise".

Iris (Zagreb) 08.06.2017

How long (in centimeters) is the insole of size 40 and 41? Thx

- Dear Iris, the length of the inner sole for 40 is 25.5 cm and for 41 is 27 cm. Nice regards

Akuma (Budapest) 03.02.2017

Hi! 41-inch sizes will be in the shoes?

- Dear Costumer! It is possible to arrive, but we can not tell you the date. You can adjust the size monitoring function, so you can get an automatic email when you arrive at the warehouse again.

natsch (hamburg) 21.04.2016

Do the shoes a steel cap?

- Hello, yes, the shoes have a steel toe.

aic 13.06.2015

Why can not I order?

- Web sites are still not in operation. We are working on them. Please order at www.metal-shop.eu, thank you.

MOKY (Trnava) 19.01.2015

Hello, in the description you write that shoes are covered with color in different shades. What does that mean? mate other than just black? (Eg. Purple-cierne?)

- This is an error in the label - fixed. Shoes are black only.

Ann 17.01.2015

What is the max. Calf circumference?

- She will not answer, because not mention the size. In addition, you can enable the laces. But if you send me the size, I'll try to be estimated.

Flame (riga) 22.11.2014

what's size 39 in cm?

- 25,5 cm.

ubermensch (Italy) 16.09.2014

The boots arrived and they are PERFECT!So comfortable i don't wear any other boots! They fit true-to-size and i am really reallu satisfied. P.s. Thanks also For the incredibly fast shipping: Only 3 days from the store to my house in Italy! Cheers!!!

ubermensch (ITALY) 24.08.2014

i have a foot lenght of 27cm i usually wear newRock size 42 is it better for me to buy these boots 41 or 42? i hate the shoes with lot space over my fingers thanks

- Please order 42.

Jino 18.03.2014

The insole length is 28.5 cm, then should I go with 43 or 44?

- Size 43.

Jino (Los Angeles) 18.03.2014

If I wear a US size 10, what size should I wear?

- I don't know. Send me insole length please.

Kikina (Lazinov) 16.12.2013

Hello, I would like to ask you if you have these shoes in size 39 by the end of this or early next year. Thank you in advance for your answer. :)

- Tomorrow we receive the last large shipment of shoes KMM. What there will be, we do not know exactly. So please watch our website. If by Wednesday nenaskldníme - will be available soon in the second half of January 2014

Rivethead (Los Angeles) 15.10.2013

are these unisex?

- Yes.

Sepreh (Recanati) 16.09.2013

hello can you tell me the internal lenght of the size 42? thanks a lot!

- 27,5 cm.

Milica 10.05.2013

Hello, I'm interested in 'boots KMM 20Eyelet - Black - 201/2-ZM' but I would like to ask: In the description it says that it can be split into 3 boot hights so the boot starts with 6 pinholes and do I have the adition for the 12 pinholes and for the 20 pinholes boot (two additional parts? Thanx in advance and all the best.

- You get the biggest shoes in the photo. It's up to you how you decide to wear them.

Emanuele 04.01.2013

hello i usualy wear size 42, that is about 27,2 - 27,4 cm what size should i order?

- Order 42. ;-)

Tepes (Čadca) 08.12.2012

Hello I want to ask how it is handled by one corselets there dlhéééé or need to change if I want to put the next part? Thank you

- Lanyards are only here for the longest 20-pinhole overall size. The shorter you probably will have to get additionally. ;-)

Emanuele 24.04.2012

can you tell me the height of the sole? it seems about 4cm. thanks

- Height sole is 3 cm (4 cm heel).

Wladas47 (Malacky) 11.01.2012

What is the perfect size for boot length 26?? Thank you

- Size 40th

wladas47 (Malacky) 06.01.2012

I would like to sleep on the soles Height at these botach

- 3.5 cm in front.

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