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shoes KMM 20dírkové - Black


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shoes KMM 20dírkové - Black

20-hole boots KMM made of genuine leather coated with paint in different shades. The shoes have a zipper on the inside for easier putting on the shoes. Composition: leather, rubber, metal, zipper.

Black colour.

Total height of the shoe approx.: 41cm.


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Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h
EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Ječminka (Brno) 28. 10. 2020 23:24:59

Good de I want to ask how many shoes weigh if they are not too heavy when there is the reinforcement.

- Hello, thank you for your question. The weight increases along with the size. The smallest size 36 weighs 2.3 kg. The largest size 47 weighs 3 kg.

hm (hm) 30. 1. 2019 20:11:21

Aka high is a sneeze please

- Hello, thank you for your inquiry. The sole is about 2.5 cm high.

Simon (Cambridge) 4. 11. 2018 22:38:29

Do the sizes run large or small? How tall is the 43, including the heel?

- This is 42 cm including the sole.

Lukes 23. 6. 2018 08:13:10

Hello day I want to ask when the shoes are laced with just open the zip or must also spread ??? One more thing, in the rain, it does not get damp in boots over zip, thank you

- Hello Lukesi, the shoe just needs to open up, it does not have to untie.

Michaela 14. 11. 2017 18:10:09

Hello, I would like to ask what maximum width of the calf at minimum shoe lacing (on a bow) can be achieved with this size 41 and 42 shoe so as not to tear the tongue between the firm part of the shoe and the tongue? I have a broad calf. What kind of shoe is better to choose when my length foot is 26.5 cm, does it correspond to the size 41 written here, will not push on my fingers, or should I buy a size of 42? One more question, Steel (or other) shoe in black (claret / black) also with a zipper, I would be interested in it, I have seen it only lace, which is a shame, with a zipper getting faster. Thank you for your answers, with regards to Michael

- Hello, the criterion around the width of the calf is difficult to simulate, it is necessary to try it on our own feet. Length Interstellar at size 41 is 27cm, at size 42 it's 27.5 - I would rather choose the bigger variant. It can be returned within 14 days if it did not fit ;-)

Death (Budapest) 27. 10. 2017 14:04:48

How tall is the mole? / How long is the sole? thanks!

- Dear Costumer! We can measure its exact length, but we need size. Please send an email with the specific size and link. Our Email Address:

Tron (Bratislava) 6. 7. 2017 10:39:31

Hello, I want to ask, can I try out at the store? I am small and do not know what will look better on me, or 14 holes or 20 ...

- Hello, yes, create a personal collection at our shop in Bratislava (for both shoes). Once your personal subscription is ready for you, we will prompt you for SMS and you can come and try to get the boots and take only those that will be yours. Personal collection is non-binding :)

Hannah 22. 4. 2017 21:17:21

Hello, I'd like to ask what sizes 36/38/39 are in cm, Thank you.

- 36 is 23,5 cm, 38 is 25 cm, 39 is 25,5 cm.

Linda 2. 4. 2017 16:35:40

Hello! Can I ask the size in cm of n.39? Thank you.

- The length of the insole is 25,5 cm.

Michaella (Trebišov ) 20. 3. 2017 22:47:24

Hello, I would like to ask what the smallest calf can be downloaded in size 40?

- Hello, can be downloaded from the perimeter around 35-36 cm.

Sylvia (Darmstadt) 27. 12. 2016 15:15:53

Hello, have the boots Stahlkappen?

- Hello, yes, the Schuche have steel toecaps.

Thomas 30. 1. 2016 17:50:58

Super ride also for motorcycle


Veronika (Bratislava) 11. 1. 2016 13:30:52

Hello, I can not get out of these shoes size 40 at all anywhere, I want to ask if I say you do not know whether they will be sometime in the near future? Thank you very much.

- Hi Veronica, we expect its completion in about 2-3 weeks.

Thomas (Sarstedt) 8. 1. 2016 17:03:17

Super great boots. Wear class


NIN 7. 4. 2015 23:06:21

If I order this one from e bay metal shop , would it be with zipper on side?

- The shoes have a zip. You would get boots with a zipper on the side.

Pit (Armenia) 5. 4. 2015 12:40:11

Could you please tell me what is the weight of these shoes? Are they comfortable to wear routinely? I want these boots and was looking for some feedback from users. Thanks.

- About 2 kg. Comfortable, durable in bad weather.

ArgorJP (stiens) 29. 3. 2015 20:42:17

Hi, how high are these boots?

- Hi, 42,5cm.

Igor 12. 12. 2014 18:07:34

najlepsie glad what I had: D


Lea 24. 10. 2014 15:42:28

Hello, when the stock was a size 38? Thanks for the answer

- Hi, shoes continuously doobjednáváme, please adjust your "eat bigger" :)

Libus 9. 9. 2014 15:41:39

Hello, I walk through the calf when the calf got about 38-39 cm in size 40? And just so there are only stupid question better Steel or KMM brand? thank you

- The calf will not have a problem. Both brands are great.

Janka 26. 8. 2014 15:05:15

Hello, I would like to ask if it would be possible to order these shoes, respectively, constructed with a wider circumference of the calf. Size 38 fits me, just not turn up up boots, zipper and pull out to mid calf. Thank you for your response.

- The peace is not made. It does not help enable shoelaces?

Mária (Bratislava) 4. 5. 2014 21:00:36

I would like to ask what is the height of these shoes?

- Shoes are high about 42-43 cm.

Julie (Plzeň) 5. 2. 2014 21:35:54

Hello, when the orientation, please stock size 40? Thanks for the reply.

- Probably already in February. I recommend you set your watch size 40

Katka 23. 7. 2013 22:04:13

Hello .. I would like to ask if height shoes, here I listed 41 cm, is calculated with the sole or not .. Thanks :)

- Overall, so is sole.

Veronika (Litvínov) 20. 1. 2013 10:45:13

Hello, I want to ask .. When I broke for the fourth zip at these shoes, they can be re-sent to the complaint? Thank you for your answer.

- That maybe so, but if this is the fourth time and thus there would have to be zips from various sources, the situation brings me to the idea, if not a coincidence mistreatment or too thick calves. Still happened that in our times the customer had a complaint zip ... strange ...

Daniel (Třeboň) 6. 1. 2013 14:04:12

I have a little problem. Currently I do not have enough money and I need to know if how long will some shoes on sale. Thank you for your answer.

- it is a permanent product - the menu will still

helmy (singapore) 4. 12. 2012 02:41:13

I want this one,please give me your account number sir next month i bankin

- Please order and pay it. Look at

Šárka (Kolín) 29. 11. 2012 19:42:21

Hello, I would like to ask if in the near future will be available to size 39? (So ​​to arrive after ordering before Christmas) Thank you for your answer

- sure - this size is ordered, we recommend that you set watchdog and immediately after receiving information email subscribe

Darčina (Bratislava) 24. 11. 2012 15:42:27

Hello, I watch that you do not have the number 38 in stock ... Could I be good even when I was 37 before shoes Cult 38?

- Size 37 has a cylinder 24 cm long. Maybe try. ;-)

Lucia (Čadca) 24. 9. 2012 17:33:37

Hello, I would like to ask if I have a second leg 27 and 27.5 cm by what number I should order? And what is the difference in KMM and steel? There are KMM softer? I can not decide. Thank you

- Order size 42, which has a cylinder 27.5 cm. Shoes and KMM STEEL are qualitatively comparable.

Alexa (Prievidza) 21. 9. 2012 20:20:03

So I have lost the right, with a zipper, and are really divine. Thank you!


Alexa (Prievidza) 10. 9. 2012 18:35:01

Interesting ..... In the description it says that they have a zipper in the picture have a zipper, even here in the discussion said that you do not zip them. Just today I came, I just ordered these and guess what they are missing? ZIPS! Can someone explain this to me?

- Probably be incorporated in the new batch of one without zipper, which I am sorry. Not if you send us is back. We will replace it at our expense and send you back to your address (you also proplatíme postage to us).

:) (Trutnov) 25. 4. 2012 07:19:27

Hello, I would like to ask, see if you buy these shoes for a possible replacement for a larger number if the shoes did not fit. Thank you

- Yes, you have to 14 days (CR) or 7 days (Slovakia).

Beries (Praha) 9. 4. 2012 18:55:26

Hello, I wanted to ask if you have a steel tip?

- They do.

Vero 4. 3. 2012 13:19:57

With these shoes, I am not satisfied. I wear them not even half a year (gently, give them attention) and I broke zipper. Duplicate is not turned on, separated from the substance ... or I do not know how to describe it. After half a year can not be worn.

- Send goods back (Insure package, whether you lose) to our address (D24 - Marko Logistic METALSHOP.CZ, MR 3552/93, 010 01 Žilina), attach a letter describing the complaint and request a copy of the shipping invoice.

waki (košice) 16. 1. 2012 15:55:21

for how many days would happen?

- For two to four days.

x) (Chabařovice) 13. 12. 2011 13:36:50

I just wanted to ask if numbering is the same as the brand for steel and other Glade ;)

- identical

Katarína (Bratislava) 11. 12. 2011 14:19:55

Hello, I want to ask about the size of the shoe, and that sometimes you have to stock a size 41? If so, you will be by Christmas, or later? Also, in terms of height and measure how much? My calf length is about 43 cm.

- Shoes are high about 42-43 cm.

Pavel 28. 11. 2011 17:59:54

I would have asked how it is with all the shoe laces over 14 direk, personally I have a problem to get a total of 2m and higher (often I can break it, still lends itself to great places.)). I deal with this footage but still it will not replace conventional laces. Thank you for your answer

- All shoes are with original laces. Unfortunately, we do not reserve, but the shoe would have had.

twiggy 25. 11. 2011 08:48:56

Hello, I would like to ask about how long you will have a new size. If it's worth waiting for, or should I choose another. Thank you

- You can wait, because KMM be added continuously or. still write to and ask for the model and size - forward it to your boss. ;-)

linda (Myava) 23. 10. 2011 16:12:01

I would like to Spiti that what are those shoes veliké.Ďakujem =)

- Length? Height? At what size? Write on closer and determine the question.

Vendy (Český Brod ) 12. 10. 2011 08:51:45

Hello, I would like to ask what is the length of the shoe in a size 39th Because I'm not exactly sure what size I would be. Thank you in advance for your answer.

- If you have been sitting mostly size 39 and is a brand shoes, which usually really standards are being met, so these shoes in size 39 order still straight. For example. I wear size 43 and brand třiačtyřicítky KMM fit me like a glove. ;-)

Eli (Prešov) 4. 10. 2011 17:56:37

Dobry.chcela would like to know whether you have these shoes in other shades ... as you write in the description? wdaka for PM.

- There are all types of KMM that we offer:

woldemorth (Jaroměř) 7. 8. 2011 15:44:10

I apologize for the size 41 and the calf circumference of 32 cm if there is enough pull. thanks

- Yes, you download.

woldemorth (Jaroměř) 5. 8. 2011 18:00:37

Hello, I have a question please, when the shoes completely withdraw nejmeší what is the size of both calves, it's a bit silly but I have narrow feet. :-) So to me, those shoes are, thank you.

- About 20 cm.

Nessie (Trenčín) 5. 7. 2011 21:27:29

Sorry for the typo in the previous comments. "... And you there it is available ..."


Nessie (Trenčín) 5. 7. 2011 21:26:21

I would like to ask ... I noticed that some goods for some time already download and hu it is not possible to get. I wonder how much time after moving goods? And I would be most interested in these shoes, I would have ordered it, but unfortunately, only in August around 15/08/2011. My question therefore is whether there still will be available. Thank you in advance for your reply.

- Goods pulling up to its complete sellout.

RadziQ (Znojmo) 27. 6. 2011 09:01:21

Perfect! ... Can not praise them!

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