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pants Black Pistol - Loon Hipster Denim Black - B-1-06-001-00


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pants Black Pistol - Loon Hipster Denim Black

pants brand. BLACK PISTOL.

Composition: 98% cotton, 2% spandex.

Please note that the dimensions stated in the table below are only approximate and that the actual sizes between different products and styles may vary.

Approximate dimensions in cm (CIRCUIT is 2 x width)

show more of brand: BLACK PISTOL
Availability: shipping in 24h

Size chart

Pants waist width (cm)
Length (cm)
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LL 11.11.2016

You do not really obrazkam pants do not match and do not understand why it is macho to figure when the women's and Veic low and even table size does not match .....

- Hello, pants are UNISEX. Which extent you back?

N Summers 20.04.2013

That wasn't even English. Seriously, that last reply makes no sense at all. I have not returned the package. I will not pay the postage costs. This is your responsibility. Please on reply if you can do so in a way that makes sense.


N Summers 19.04.2013

I am not anticipating anything. The package has not been sent back to you because you insist on charging me 15 euros to return it. As your customer service is next to useless, I have had no choice but to forward this on to the Trading Standards Commission. It's now in their hands. If you would like to discuss this please email me.

- I can not comment on the package that has not yet come. We decision on the case at the moment when the package shows.

N Summers 17.04.2013

Thanks, but that really didn't help me - as you refused to refund them unless I paid another 15 euros to send them back to you. Meaning I'd have spent 30 euros on postage in total. Meaning I would have ended up with just a 10 euro refund on a 40 euro pair of pants. Great...

- Nick, don't anticipate events. We will process the claim until after the adoption of the package. We do not have the package yet.

N Summers 14.04.2013

As you have these listed for sale on your website (above), it is your responsibility to represent them accurately. NOT THE CUSTOMER'S.

- Sorry for the inconvenience. We will add more - more accurate - pictures.

N Summers (UK) 04.04.2013

The lower leg is quite misleading in the photo above; it's actually a really wide flare, and not a boot-cut fit as the image suggests. They look a bit like clown pants unfortunately :/

- Photo comes from the manufacturer. We order the following pants only at the request of the customer. We couldn't influence the photo, sorry. Thanks for the feedback.

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