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trousers Black Pistol - Freak Pants Tartan Black-Red size


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trousers Black Pistol - Freak Pants Tartan Black-Red size

trousers brand BLACK PISTOL .

Composition: 98% cotton, 2% spandex.

Dimensions approx:


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Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h

Size chart

Size Pants waist width (cm) Length (cm)
26 35 101
28 36 101
30 38 102
32 44 106
34 48 108
36 49 108
38 49 111
40 52 113
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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lukyn (Liberec) 23. 3. 2021 09:25:52

Hello, such a question, when I have overalls size 42, what number should I choose when ordering these pants, thank you for your answer.

- Hello, thank you for your question. I have no idea who made your overalls and what their dimensions are, so I can't answer you and take your overalls into account, so I'll try to help you differently. I recommend measuring those overalls (width, length) and comparing them with our size chart, which you will find in the description of this product.

Sebastian 5. 6. 2017 19:50:58

Is the pants unisex ??

- In our opinion it is UNISEX pants, but we recommend you to compare your body measurements with the specifications in the size chart before you buy.

pinapunx (prága) 8. 11. 2013 11:04:21

Hi, I am interested about 34, I ordered but I want to know in advance how it is in case the goods do not fit me - as you choose. Until when, as with postage things about it. Thanks a lot ..

- Czech customers can exchange or return goods within 14 days after delivery, Slovak to seven days. For more information, write to, please.

lenka 29. 7. 2013 10:40:50

I would like to ask mam waist size 109 so I could theoretically sli 38 potrebovalal but I had one hundred and measured the circumference of the thigh roskroku

- Size 38 no stock - can be ordered on request. And what we have in stock, we can not measure, sorry. But if you have normal thighs are like most people, you would not have a problem.

Lucie 29. 6. 2013 15:49:44

I wanted to ask if there was somewhere in the vicinity of Brno / Ostrava rock shop, where you could come and pants to try on the spot. Thanks

- YES - we have a showroom - shop directly at our company - details here

Martin 29. 4. 2013 17:47:28

Good day. fits into pants Triplex piramidový belt? Thanks for the answer ;)

- Rather, double row, triplex or narrower (smaller pyramids).

....... 24. 1. 2013 20:28:19

Hello I have recently ordered these in your pants the day before yesterday and unfortunately I only came to me great and I would like to ask if they could be exchanged for less? Even I wrote to you in the mail but have not responded to me.

- Send goods back (Insure package, whether you lose) to our address (D24 - Marko Logistic METALSHOP.CZ, fever path 21, Zilina, 010 04), attach a cover letter with a description of the application and a copy of the shipping invoice.

Natália (Nitra) 25. 12. 2012 19:16:53

Please do not know when or if you have size 40?

- our offer depends on the supplier, which has now sold out size 40. When added at this point we do not know

Křížová 14. 11. 2012 20:45:07

Hello, I have a waist circumference 66 cm and 94 cm leg length. What size should I order? and these pants for Christmas? thank you

- Try a size 26th We will try to get to Christmas.

Julien 27. 9. 2012 21:42:06

So if you need a size 30, you can not book and I have to wait? Thank you for your reply.

- Order it in size 30 can be immediately, but you will wait at least 14 days.

Julien 21. 9. 2012 21:43:00

Hello, I beg you, I wanted to ask when it will be available to size 30 or 32 Thank you.

- I would not know, because the production company manages a program ADERLASS alone. For now we can only offer size 34 and 38 Size 34 in stock, size 38 on order.

.... 9. 7. 2012 14:02:06

Hello when my waist 78 cm what size should I choose? Thank you.

- Estimate the size of the 32nd

Michal (Benešov) 8. 7. 2012 08:44:00

Hello, I would like to ask you, when the size of the 26th Thank you.

- It is not known at this point whether they will continue to produce.

maja (České Budějovice) 4. 7. 2012 15:48:02

They are elastic pants?

- Slightly.

Natasa (Bratislava) 31. 1. 2012 22:18:08

It has already thank you :)


Natasa (Bratislava) 31. 1. 2012 22:16:42

should be a good day I am interested in the number 32 as it su subscribing ked the moment is not in stock?

- Sorry, but size 32 at the moment we do not get.

noo 30. 1. 2012 11:30:25

when I ordered them even at the price I pay € 49 € 51 yes? :)

- Not if you have ordered for 49, - € and pay 49, - €. The new price applies to new orders.

iva (bratislava) 15. 1. 2012 09:33:22

come in 14 days when I order them?

- They should, but rather count a monthly period. We have half of January, and it still is time inventories.

Petra 27. 10. 2011 20:40:10

could you please re-measure how much they have received these pants generally waist? once here about to chose ... poorly

- Dimensions are in the table. The vast majority of sizes not in stock - ordered on demand, so too we can not personally measured.

metal 13. 8. 2011 17:08:53

are women's pants or is aji for men

- Are taken with the woman, but I think it would not look bad if you bought a man. Basically, these are unisex pants.

Lin (TP) 7. 7. 2011 12:06:46

it would be possible to add size 40?

- It all depends on the manufacturer, what, when and how much to offer.

Marta 15. 6. 2011 12:12:05

it's trousers or hip?

- They're hip.

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