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shoes KMM 6dírkové - Black


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shoes KMM 6dírkové - Black

6-hole boots by KMM made of genuine leather coated in different shades. Composition: leather, metal, leather, metal, zipper.

There is a metal reinforcement (toe protection) in the toe area.

Black colour.

Total height of the shoe approx .: 22cm.


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Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h
EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Ralf (Werne) 11. 3. 2020 02:27:47

Hallo!!! Sind die 6 Loch total schwarz oder eher ein grau? Mann kann es leider auf dem Bildern nicht so gut erkennen. Bedanke mich schon mal im voraus. Gruß Ralf

- Der Hersteller hat die Schuhe als schwarz markiert.

Rosťa (Tábor) 8. 1. 2018 08:52:59

Hi When shoes are in stock why is delivery time 14 days? Thanks for your answer.

- Hi, Rosťo, thank you for your inquiry. The note on the product is misleading. Once it is written that the product is in stock. This will arrive at your normal delivery time.

jiri (Brno) 12. 4. 2017 19:12:41

Hello, I want to know when it will be available size 45. Thank you :)

- Hello George, it should appear early next year.

LLUIS (BARCELONA) 24. 9. 2017 18:03:05

Hello, I like these kmm 6 eyelets, but i'm not sure which is the best size for my feet. My feet is 27cm (43-44) and a Little bit width. Is there any possibility to change them into a bigger/smaller size if they don't fit me well? Thanks

- Hi LLUIS, Thank you for your interest. The feet is inaccurate. I need the insert length. Then I can recommend the size. ;-)

Petra (České Budějovice) 28. 5. 2017 19:26:27

Does my foot go there when it is wider than the rest I have it with my fingers 10cm heel 6cm and 9cm means?

- Hello, Jane see the dimensions of your foot as unusual, just order your size.

Hector 20. 8. 2016 18:57:19

how much is the heel height?

- 2.2 cms at the front, 3.8 cms at the back.

Dave Metalhead (Pardubice) 13. 5. 2016 19:58:26

One more question, if it fits the child?

- Hello Dave, if the child has already grown to a size of at least 36, then I'm sure that it will definitely fit the bill ;-)

Dave Metalhead (Pardubice) 4. 11. 2016 18:17:48

How many grams or kilograms weighs boot?

- Hi Dave, depending on the size, I considered vel. 42 to 900 grams.

Jozef (Trenčín) 12. 10. 2014 11:47:19

Good day. What is the size you please insole for shoes size 43 and 44? thank you

- Hello, my size 43 Insole 28 cm and has a size of 44 29 cm :)

Petr 6. 11. 2014 12:21:35

What is the total height of shoes?

- I have no idea, because they are the only shoes KMM, which is offered in 6-pinhole, and which we do not have in stock - these are the shoes to order a 30-day delivery time. Since we do not have in stock, you can not measure it. :-( But they are in any case less than 10 pinhole. :-)

Havran 20. 10. 2012 07:46:59

They are better than Stellky?

- The same quality.

25. 9. 2012 18:41:54

I would like to ask if there are laces included

- Yes, laces are included.

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