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leather boots - KMM

20-pinhole KMM shoes made of genuine leather coated in different color shades. Shoes are on the inner side zipper for easy putting on shoes, shoe part is detachable metal chain silver color.

Material: genuine leather coated paint, rubber, metal zipper.

Colour: Black.

The total height of shoe approx.: 45cm.



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EU size Length (cm)
36 23.5
37 24
38 24.5
39 25
40 25.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 30
47 30.5
48 31
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Dalmasso Lucas (Mory) 26.01.2021

Bonjour, j'ai commandé cette paire de botte mais en essayer de les mettre je me suis rendu compte qu'elles étaient trop petite. J'ai eu beaucoup de mal à faire rentrer mon pied. Le haut de la bottes, au niveau du "médio-pied'', n'est pas assez large et quand j'ai retiré mon pied de la botte j'avais d'assez grosse marques . Est ce que la mesure à cette endroit varie selon la pointure , ou bien il n'y a que la longueur de la bottes qui varie selon la pointure. Si Oui pouvez vous m'indiquer qu'elle serait la différence en centimètres entre la pointure 44,45 et 46 à cette endroit. Cordialement

- Bonjour, pour la taille 44, nous avons mesuré environ 10.5 cm au niveau du médio-pied, 11 cm pour la taille 45 et enfin 11,5 pour 46. N'hésitez pas à revenir vers nous pour toute autre question! Bien à vous.

Dalmasso Lucas (Mory) 22.01.2021

Bonjour, voilà j'ai reÇu pour mon fils des bottes 20 oeillets hélas mon fils n'arrive pas à enfoncer son pied dedans pourtant son pied n'est pas fort, il a pris du 44 pouvez vous me dire si c'est normal car c'est un modèle mixte. Dois je prendre une pointure au-dessus ? Merci de me tenir au courant. Cordialement.

- Bonjour! Nous vous conseillons de choisir la taille en fonction du tableau de tailles se trouvant dans l'onglet "Description du produit". Pour cet article, une taille 44 correspond à 28.5 cm et la taille au-dessous à 29 cm. Vous pouvez nous faire une demande d'échange, en remplir notre formulaire en-ligne: https://www.metalmonde.fr/plaintes-retours/.. Nous restons à votre disposition pour toute autre question! Bien à vous

Anton (Oradea) 25.11.2019

Hi Which woman or man?

- Hello! We do not understand your question. Please write to us at store@metal-shop.ro with more details. Thank you!

Selena (Giurgiu) 05.10.2019

How long will the number 39 be valid?

- Hello! I put the product back in stock 2 months ago, so we won't be bringing it back to the collection anytime soon. If you click on the size that interests you, a box appears asking you to enter your email address. This will automatically notify you when 39 becomes available. If we can help you further, please write to us at store@metal-shop.ro

Karmen (Split) 29.08.2019

Does it exist somewhere like some table manufacturers, the length of the foot relative to the number of boots

- Hello, thank you for your interest. Please send us your length of inner tread in centimeters to help you determine the size. Please let us know at store@metalshop.com.hr

Vlad Secara (Alesd) 29.07.2019

Hi These boots are also available in a version that does not have a zipper? I mean the classic version of boots, only with laces

- We have a few pairs of non-zippered boots here: https://www.metal-shop.ro/z/kmm/.

hm (hm) 01.02.2019

in the case of bad size is it possible to exchange (the advertisment) ajked the pack coming from the warehouse in CR?

- Hello, yes, it is possible. More information here: https://www.metalshop.sk/s/reklamacia-a-vratenie-tovaru/

Marek 08.07.2018

Hello, I would like to ask if these boots do not load your knees, respectively. whether they can move freely in them. Thank you

- Hello, Mark, Thank you for your inquiry. It depends on the length of your calf. E.g. at size 37, shoes are height measured from the sole, not from the ground, 39 cm. In my opinion, the shoe does not limit the movement of the wearer. Veronica

Sylvia (Darmstadt) 27.12.2016

Hello, have the boots Stahlkappen? Would be nice if not :-)

- Hello, yes, the Schuche have steel toecaps.

Krisztina 15.12.2016

Hello! How high is the sole shoe?

- 4.5 cm.

Natacha 29.10.2016

Hi! My feet have 24,5 cm, wich size shoud I order? Thanks!

- I don't know. Foot is not important. The length of the insole is important. Try 38 size.

Pierre (TOURS) 22.02.2016

hello, I'd like to know if these boots have a metal toe protection. Thanks

- Hello, these boots have a metal toe protection.

Monika (Olomouc) 03.03.2014

Hello, my boots KMM about 9 years old at number 42, but after the running of the one in my leg pretty summer and keeps my foot in practice only because you downloaded the top of the shoe. I would like to ask whether if I order shoes in 41 and will be too small, I can be seamlessly replace you?

- Purchased goods can be exchanged or returned within 14 days from the receipt of shipment (Valid for customers).

kristýna (vsetin) 06.11.2013

Hello how many gods you weigh?? (How much you weigh one shoe?)

- One shoe weighs 1.30 kg.

LKING 07.10.2012

what are men's shoes?

- Unisex.

666 13.08.2012

If I Steely size 39 and is just me, I can also buy the 39?

- Yes.

insaneangel 13.08.2012

I have a foot 23 cm, what size would you recommend?

- The smallest, the size of the 36th

Caki 16.01.2012

Hello, I have a foot 25 - 25.5 cm, what size shoe I will be good? Thank you ..

- Size 39th

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