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hair color DIRECTIONS


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hair color DIRECTIONS

89 ml tube - usually enough for shoulder-length hair. Hair dyes have never been tested on animals.

Color: blue.

DIRECTIONS apply the colour on dry hair. We recommend in advance bleach your hair. Comb the hair dye into the hair until it starts to foam. Colour leave it on for 30-40 minutes, the plastic cap will warm the hair and help to achieve a better result. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with a warm water. Do not mix hair dyes with a peroxide! Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows! When you intervene flush eyes with warm water. Do not shampoo with conditioner. Use plastic gloves when applying. For all shades, do a test on a small strand of hair beforehand.

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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Vanessa (Douai) 23. 7. 2017 22:12:59

Is this color permanent?

Vanessa (Douai) 23. 7. 2017 22:12:59

Is this color permanent?

- Hello Vanessa! This range is semi-permanent; It lasts on average 6-8 weeks;)

Tereza (Říčany) 12. 3. 2017 15:41:20

here between dyeing hair rookie, grabs me this color hair dyed blonde? (They are slightly brownish)

- Hello Theresa, for reliable application and subsequent full shade recommend bleached hair. Good day, Michal

Majky 22. 2. 2014 22:19:17

What should I use to discoloration of hair in white before applying this color Blue Lagoon?

- Some peroxide. Consult with friends or hairdresser. ;-)

Veronika 5. 11. 2013 15:58:00

These colors with peroxide NEMÝCHAJÍ as changing the color. If you have darker hair, use 9% peroxide opláchněne classic wash and let conditioner. Hair will return to a state in which there is too much breaking fraying. When you dry your hair, apply color, leave cca20-30min. Flush with lukewarm water and you have a feast. The color washes out, of course, fiction is an artificially created substance is not a natural tone. Washout related to the percentage of disturbed hair. The more you have hair disturbed by the color faster come. The first wash is not as visible after 2-3 washes change is already happening.

- Thank you for your constructive comments.

ela (Roudnice nad Labem) 17. 3. 2013 20:10:24

I would like to know how much paint will last wash, I read here that with each washing little defined, but I wonder if it's just a lot of witch you should visit

- Now it is not visible, but the number one does not wash.

Pavel (Horní roveň) 9. 9. 2012 16:45:56

Hello .. I wanted to ask if this would grab color to dark brown .. Thanks ..

- I have no idea if you got out of the blue to dark brown. To the point in the shades and color mixing not know.

Natálka (Dudince) 9. 6. 2012 19:36:37

Hello, I really like the color in the photo but the user is not as good as I was, I would really gaudy, I really have hair blue as well take on those types of photos? thank you

- Yes, but you have to bleach your hair to white to blue to grab. Otherwise, it will be colored green.

niall horan (Aš) 9. 5. 2012 19:41:52

thank you


niall horan (Aš) 8. 5. 2012 13:47:49

I bought this color, but instead I now lagoonově blue hair green!!! how come?? I used 12% peroxide and before I colored staining to swim BLOND directions sour and used shampoo before dyeing. why am I now instead of blue hair, dark hair green as the color: Apple Green?????????? thank you :/

- It's not the most BLOND swim? Maybe it needed a peroxide. Try to send me an email at name and peroxide blonde color that you put + send photos of their dyed hair and tube colors that you bought from us. We'll try to send it to the manufacturer for an opinion. I do not know if it will be any good because it does not need to have experience with the brand blond color you paint before applying DIRECTIONS used, but it is worth.

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