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hair color DIRECTIONS


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hair color DIRECTIONS

89 ml tube - usually enough for shoulder-length hair. Hair dyes have never been tested on animals.

Colour: midnight blue.

DIRECTIONS apply the colour on dry hair. We recommend in advance bleach your hair. Comb the hair dye into the hair until it starts to foam. Colour leave it on for 30-40 minutes, the plastic cap will warm the hair and help to achieve a better result. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with a warm water. Do not mix hair dyes with a peroxide! Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows! When you intervene flush eyes with warm water. Do not shampoo with conditioner. Use plastic gloves when applying. For all shades, do a test on a small strand of hair beforehand.

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Product reviews

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Ellie (Brno ) 5. 3. 2018 16:50:34

Hello, I blew the ends of my hair and otherwise I left my light brown hair color. On both sides I threw this color and grabbed me. (the ends were brighter and the top of my head darker) There was only one problem and the color of my clothes dyed. (like when it rained.) My question sounds .. Have I done anything wrong or the color is enough to drain even with just contact with water?

- Hello, We have received this info from the manufacturer: The manufacturer of the Primoions color may Dovod the towel or bedding to be discolored. On non-bleached hair - the colors on your hair do not behave like they are bleached (distorted) and they are quicker to wash off. BeDovod the color does not get completely into the inside of the hair and it is on the surface and it is possible that after the hair gets wet, the color starts to get a little bit puffy and stained. Blue shades are faster than other colors, beDovod they have more molecules, and this Dovods faster bleeding of blue shades. TIP for long-term effect: For long-term effect, it is recommended to rinse hair with a solution of water and white vinegar immediately after staining. This will increase the pH value of the colored hair and the resulting effect will be more permanent. Procedure: 1. Rinse the color of the hair until the water is clear 2. Mix vinegar and water in a 1: 1 ratio (half a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar) 3. Rinse the stained hair with a solution 4. Rinse your hair with a comb 5. Finally rinse your hair cold water

Paštika (Nachod) 4. 5. 2017 20:38:04

Good dren, I want to ask, I have brown hair and I want blue, but not gaudy much more dark blue ... I can mix black and blue or brown hair it darkens or I get my hair color black and then blue And are they going to mix these colors? Thank you for answer

- Hello, my colleague, who has a rich experience of coloring with these colors, wrote to me: "Choose a dark blue color, such as After midnight or midnight blue, before mixing them with black, and of course the colors blend, so if they decide, It's not a problem to add a little black, but it must be a color with the same composition, and the hair must always be chemically modified, so that Primoions and Manic Panic do not contain peroxide, but only colored pigments. Nice day, Michal

Týna (Hradec Králové) 11. 2. 2015 21:10:42

Hello, may I ask how this color could grab brown hair? Thank you for your response.

- For best effect requires hair bleached white, and only then apply the color Directions. Of course you can experiment at will, but that's not responsible.

Misaki 23. 11. 2013 15:03:35

Somewhere I read the question whether color can be mixed with peroxide. On the cover you have written that no ... and if I were you neporošuju the ban since then it grabs you so strange and so fast it washes out: \


Tabby 5. 4. 2013 15:48:11

Directions colors completely to its original colors do not wash out.


Nikoll Beth (Most) 2. 4. 2013 14:51:03

Yes, yes I know it is now on the blue but I want them back to blonde and eluted to me quite quickly in the beginning but now they remained and it remains such until the green, how to make / accelerate it to the color washed out sooner?

- It should go by peroxide, or visit the hair salon and ask expertek hair - you'll know some tricks. :-)

Nikoll Beth (Most) 1. 4. 2013 11:07:56

Hello, I wanted to ask that I have now for this color throughout my hair length I put conditioner and 1.5 Midnight Blue paint jar and now washes me, I have a pretty blond hair and when I turn back to I do not know how to do it, girls such as Sarah Verena Schizophrenia Sorceress or else they still have hair and it always has to completely wash out the blond leave, they said it in the video but do not say how to be a washed out blue místama to do zelenha blond again, thank you for advice I can not find it anywhere.

- I'm not an expert in such things, but I think you should always use peroxide before staining (Lightener).

Romča 12. 1. 2013 13:31:50

Hello, I would like to ask if I will Colour MIDNIGHT BLUE seen on dyed black hair. Thank you in advance for your answer.

- Maybe a little, but the color was seen clearly and fully, it is necessary to bleach hair white.

Eliška 4. 11. 2012 20:49:05

Hello, when I was at the other blue colors read that the blonde / yellow hair turns green, so ask around unnecessarily, even if the midnight blue to green to blond hair. What do you think?

- Yes, the green, the color you will apply the blond hair. If you want to get mignight blue color, it is necessary to completely bleach your hair white.

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