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color to hair DIRECTIONS

Color ought to be applied on hair that have been bleached as much as possible.Otherwise the resulting color will not comply with the requirement - before the application is recommended to test on a small strand of hair.

tube a volume of 89 ml - usually just a hair shoulder length. Colors have never been tested on animals.

Colour: Silver.

DIRECTIONS Apply color to dry hair. We recommend advance hair bleach. Comb into hair until foaming, then leave it for 30 – 40 minutes, plastic hair cap increases temperature and thus helps to achieve better results. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not mix colors with peroxide! Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrows! After eye contact, rinse with warm water. Before staining, do not use shampoo with conditioner. When applying, use plastic gloves. All shades make a pre-test on a small strand of hair.

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Product reviews

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Katherine (Liberec) 04.10.2014

Hello, I would like to ask. I have bleached blond hair and I have is about 14 inches below the shoulders, will suffice me one package? Thank you for your response.

- The length of the hair in the instruction manual does not say. The contents of the 89 ml. According to that you can consider. If you have any experience with staining and deduce the tub colors you used and compare. ;)

Pavol (Banská Bystrica) 22.09.2013

Catch you on color 1 times for bleached hair? Or to catch up gradually?

- It should right the first time, but practice shows better.

andrea :D (Aš) 03.07.2012

I would like to ask ... what color hair I have with toulhe color now that my hair RESERVES-brown??? you know I had hair completely worm, but I want to try a change: D :) and I used 4.barvy and odrarvovač :/ you know I do not want to destroy the hair even more: D thank you: D

- you to achieve color that is in the picture, it would still lighten your hair.

mimA (Senec) 29.01.2012

The package includes only the color or the application brush and gloves?

- Just color.

Chris 14.12.2011

Hello, I have a question please is that color washout or hold? And do you think that would grab on red-haired or should lighten first?

- Color holds. For more information see here: http://www.metalshop.cz/s/barvy-na-vlasy-navod/

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