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color to hair DIRECTIONS

tube a volume of 85 ml - usually just a hair shoulder length. Colours have never been tested on animals.

Color: Alpine vegetation.

Lessons concerning the use and conditions of sale:


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Product reviews

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Adéla (Mikulov) 29.06.2013

If you want to do a few strips and close the jar with color .. and after a month cup reopens, it will paint dry?

- A must try. Such information, we along with colors from the manufacturer received.

Radka 03.05.2013

He sits on the color "chestnut" hair? and if not would you advise me some color that would lard without lightening, only the directions

- We're hairdressers, therefore, that we are not so competent to advise customers. We also we follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and he writes that the color is a semi-bleached hair that enhances durability and shine. It is required for modem tones. In addition to the instruction manual supplied: Hair desaturate. In particular, the blues, you should reach discoloration of white hair colors - yellow would be a blue dyed green!! I'm not sure if the color of Alpine Green among blue-tinted. Consult with your mom, more experienced friend, etc. If be the color with blue tone, just a bleach blond hair, but in any case it will be necessary to bleach, to achieve a good result.

elf 22.07.2012

You will again have a color Apple Green or other types of green?

- coming soon

anonim 23.11.2011

For how long a time is washed? Thank you.

- This manufacturer does not.

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