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earrings The Dragon's Lure - Black - ALCHEMY GOTHIC

earrings in the shape of a dragon - made of the English tin / pewter /.


Earrings ear is gripped by the classic "sticks" and keeps a large part of the ear earrings also using the correct insertion of the ear.

Dimensions of earrings approx. 8x4cm.


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Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h
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Product reviews

Product reviews

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Katka (Bratislava) 27.04.2013

Holds fantastic ... It should be just fine adjust the ear .. ;) Many thanks ... ;)

Jakub (Nitra) 11.02.2013

Hello .... I would like to ask if this is exactly the earring that is in the picture ... For a lot of websites selling similar (but not this) earring ... I sent a picture of the counterfeit (so you know what I mean ...), but can not be there to add links to other sites ... Thank you.

- Earrings looks exactly like the picture.

sito (bratislava) 15.01.2013

I wanted bi drunk as it gives to the ear? : D

- Like every other earring.

tomas (bratislava) 01.01.2013

Hello I wanted to ask if the varaba and the left ear, and I found here on the left but only silver so I wanted to ask if this is also produced. thank you

- This one is just to the right ear.

abe 05.10.2012

Good day. I want to be drunk when or if this earring is also available in striebornaj color. Thank you!

- The manufacturer decides menu. At this moment underestimate. When we cast new goods ALCHEMY GOTHIC, be alert. :-) I'm sure we know about the banner on the main page.

Noel (Bronx, NY) 28.09.2012

Can I wear this on my left ear? If not how do I request this in my order? Thanks.

- To date sold out.

lol (Košice) 15.08.2012

Women's and men's or?

- not to Zaden law that would determine who can and can not wear :-)

Dominika (Těšín) 13.08.2012

Good evening, so there is no need to have a hole in the ear does not stretch. The tail can došroubovat or must pass.

- Just an ordinary hole in the ear. The tail is fitted after stretch.

xy 03.08.2012

Hello, I want to be drunk or even the earring in silver? Thank you

- If it is possible to add it, we will. ;-)

Simč. 30.07.2012

Hello please I'd like to have a query about whether it is also necessary hole in the top of the ear?? Donášate A or goods also to Slovakia? If yes how much is the charge for postage?

- Just one hole at the bottom (classically) - you do not have a hole at the top. You can also order through our website http://www.metalshop.sk/ Slovak and the amount of postage here: http://www.metalshop.sk/s/obchodne-podmienky/

dana 07.07.2012

Hello, I want to ask if this is the only black paint spraying and if she could somehow columns or conserve? Thank you

- Nesloupne neither nezetře.

metalistka :-) (Plzeň) 15.06.2012

Good and mysterious evening I would like to ask how much (or dimensions) would be a hole in the earring? Thank you and I wish you a beautiful and magical night :-)

- Classical hole like a conventional earring.

Kiliel (Teplice) 09.06.2012

Hello, you're doing even obědnávku earrings in both ears, on the left?

- On request neděláváme earrings.

Lenka (Nové Zámky) 26.05.2012

: D heh It would underscore the vzeralo obydvoch ears? : D: D

- It earring on the right ear. Its curvature prevents wear it on your left ear.

Lenka (Trnava) 25.05.2012

Good day. I wanted to ask if I order these earrings or get only one or two. Thanks for the reply.

- one piece, rather than a few

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